BBB Business Review Camera Accesories Camera Accesories offers accessories designed specifically to interface with their surveillance setups. Items like the Western Digital SD cards, and the ADC Smart Gateway can dramatically improve your video quality when using's cameras. All of the items in this category come directly from meaning they are tested and recommended to get the best results from your surveillance setup. If you're looking for a specific device made by that you cannot find here, we can get it for you so send us a message below and let us know what you need!

WD Purple Surveillance Grade Micro SD Card
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More About Camera Accesories

The WD Purple Surveillance Grade Micro SD Card allows you to take advantage of the onboard recording feature in’s cameras. We have the 128, 256, and 512 GB versions. All of these can hold multiple days' worth of footage depending on the video quality you choose and the size of the card. These cards also have the ability to write over themselves, essentially deleting the oldest footage to replace it with new footage once the card is at max capacity.

The ADC-SG130 Smart Gateway WiFi Access Point is a module used to simplify the enrollment process for your cameras by connecting them all to one location and bypassing complicated router passwords. While these modules can only hold up to 4 cameras, you can add an unlimited amount to one account.

The ADC-W115C is a module that plugs into the wall and acts as both a wireless chime and WiFi extender for all ADC cameras. The wireless chime is great for those who don’t believe using a hardwired doorbell chime would be a good option for them. If you're strictly looking for the WiFi features of this product then I recommend sticking to the previous smart gateway product I mentioned, as the doorbell chime is the primary feature with this.