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These CSVRs will allow you to record both audio and video 24/7 locally at up to 4MP resolution. They can hold up to 16 cameras at once and come with different storage space options. Note that all of our WiFi cameras and hardwired PoE cameras are compatible with these products. The only exception being's video doorbell cameras. The CSVR2000P is made for those with WiFi cameras that don’t need PoE camera ports. The CSVR2008P comes with 8 PoE ports already installed. We also offer a PoE switch that can add extra ports to both of these if needed.

A-Z Z-A ADC-CSVR2000P 16 Channel Pro Stream Video Recorder
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More About Stream Video Recorders

While these products can be used as a home security video recorder, the most common application would be for commercial use, being able to overview your business and monitor those within can prove to be an invaluable asset to any company. The 24/7 recording is viewable remotely through the app and web browser if needed and supports features such as showing select events of interest that are tagged and made easy to watch on the fly. In addition, CSVRs can also record audio when using compatible two-way audio cameras. Clips of your choosing can also be exported to a supported hard drive if you wish to keep any.

For those wondering which stream video recorder is for you, if you wish to have purely WiFi cameras, the CSVR2000P would be the perfect option, the reduced price is due to the lack of built-in ports which you wouldn’t need anyway. It is highly recommended that if you use WiFi cameras, you pair them with the Smart Gateway to prioritize their bandwidth.  If you plan on having a setup that even has a couple of PoE cameras, this product also has a port to attach a PoE switch which would add ports for you to plug them into. This device only comes with a 2TB space variant, which is expandable up to 32TB if desired (2x 16TB drives).

If you prefer a more traditional setup with PoE cameras, the CSVR2008P already has 8 PoE ports already built in making it the best option for you. This item also has 3TB and 6TB space variants, giving it the most flexibility out of the box, while supporting up to 32TB (2x16TB) as well. Users are able to modify the video quality to be the best possible (4MP for cameras that support it) or it can be lowered a bit in order to save on storage drive space. The quality options you have are entirely dependent on which camera’s settings you are looking to modify as different cameras have different resolutions.

As stated before, both of these video recorders have the ability to hold up to 16 cameras, either hardwired or Wifi. For hardwired cameras they can reach that threshold through an optional PoE Switch such as the TP-Link 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE. Note that if you wish to only use WiFi cameras there is no reason to use anything other than the 2000P unless you want the higher stock storage spaces that the 2008P versions offer.

If you’d like to see the specifications and a list of our WiFi and PoE cameras, we have pages with detailed descriptions of each to find which ones best fit your needs. If you also think an CSVR is a bit over the top, we have a selection of WD Purple Surveillance Micro SD Cards of different sizes if you would instead prefer just using the onboard recording features of supported cameras. For more information on our video plans you can visit that page as well.