BBB Business Review ADC-CSVR2008P 16 Channel Pro Stream Video Recorder With POE

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This 16-channel Stream Video Recorder from is perfect for continuous recording with wired and wireless cameras. Offering 8 ports for PoE cameras, and either a 3TB or 6TB hard drive out of the box, you can easily set up new or existing cameras. Please note that the use of an SVR requires the SVR Streaming Video 24/7 Add-on.

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The ADC-CSVR2008P is a Commercial-rated Stream Video Recorder (CSVR) for locally storing camera video footage. The ADC-CSVR2008P supports up to 16 channels and has 8 onboard PoE ports for hardwired cameras. By default you can choose either a 3 TB Hard drive or a 6TB Hard drive, however, this can be upgraded by adding a second Hard drive if needed. To utilize the full 16 channels with PoE cameras, use additional PoE switches such as the TP-Link 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE to expand your number of inputs. Alternatively, you can also use WiFi cameras with the CSVR2008P, however, it is highly recommended to use the Smart Gateway with WiFi cameras to give them dedicated bandwidth. For a list of recommended cameras please check out the links below the description on this page. The CSVRs do NOT work with doorbell cameras. 

Being an CSVR, this unit can be used both from the app and website, as well as through a local setup to give you flexibility of use. Regardless of the use case, the CSVR will automatically highlight and tag priority events on the system such as a security sensor being opened, or an alarm condition provided you have a security system tied to the same account. For the local setup, the ADC-CSVR2008P provides 2 HDMI outputs so you can connect 2x 4k monitors for local output of the recorded footage. Local display settings include live viewing of active cameras, playback for the duration of your saved footage, clip export, and archive export for storing priority footage. When using the CSVR for a local display you will need a keyboard and mouse connected to the SVR. The CSVR2008P also provides 3x USB 3.0 ports, one on the front and 2 on the rear, for fast export of the recorded video clips. 

To utilize the ADC-CSVR2008P with cameras you must have the SVR Add-on enabled for your account. This Add-on allows you to add the SVR as a device on your account and set up the parameters for recording. Once the Add-on has been enabled and you have the CSVR powered and connected to the internet, you can use the "add camera" option through the app or website to connect the SVR to your account. In addition, an Video Service must cover all cameras you plan to use with your setup, including 4-Camera Add-ons when using more than 4 cameras. 


Recording Channels: Up to 16 cameras
Video Input: 16 channels @ up to 4MP (2688x1520)
Local Display Capabilities: Live view, Playback, Clip export, Archive export
Local Display Output: 2x HD out, up to 2840x2160
Local clip Export: 1x USB 3.0 (front), 2x USB 3.0 (rear)
Support HD Video Server: ADC-VS123
Ethernet Connectivity: 1x Client RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps, 8x Camera PoE 802.3af RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Internal Storage: Up to 2x 3.5" HDD, SATA 6 Gb/s, 16TB each
Dimensions: 14.4x12.5x1.9" (36.6x31.6x4.8 cm)
Operating Temp: 32 - 104 degrees F (0 - 40 degrees C)
PoE Power Budget: 120W
Max power consumption: 200W
Max Weight: 8.7 lbs (3.9 kg)
Compliance: FCC Class A, IC, UL Listed
     Power: Standard electrical outlet
     Network: Ethernet connection to broadband internet
     Peripherals (required to interact with local display) USB Keyboard and Mouse 

ADC-CSVR2008P Installation Guide
ADC-CSVR2008P Data Sheet
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  • Will audio be saved from compatible cameras?

    No, none of the CSVR's record audio.