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Please see the description below for details of each of these plans.

Looking for simple and fast to deploy video surveilance? Look no further! Video Services are designed to work with cameras and are among the easiest to set up and use. Remote view via phone app or PC and set notifications of activity via email or text. No port forwarding or complicated network settings needed to get your video surveillance up and going.

These video services, depending on the package level you choose, will give you the ability to view video clips or live streaming video of the location where you have the cameras installed. And now with Smart View Onboard recording option, you can also record 24/7 to a compatible cameras SD card just like a full blown network video recorder!

There are a couple of different options to choose from and you may select any of the following:

Pro Video

Covers up to 4 cameras and you will be able to store 1000 video clips taken by your cameras. You also get a live look-in feature where you can peek in on your location to see what's going on.


Pro Video With Video Analytics

This is the same as the regular Pro Video package but you get the Video Analytics service as well as additional cloud storage of clips, an additional 2000 clips for 3000 total per month.

Video Analytics allows more control over notifications you receive on motion events. You can create rules to ignore animals and only trigger cameras when a person or vehicle is sensed moving. Or, for example, if you're trying to train you dog to stay off the couch then you can have a notice sent to you when it does, but ignore its normal movement around the room. There's much more you can do with video analytics using rules to filter or automate your notifications.

Video Analytics does require a camera with the analytics technology built in to it in order to take advantage of this feature. Most of the current generation cameras do have this, but look in the product description to make sure.


Premium Video

This is the top tier video service offered by It has all the same features the Pro Video w/ analytics has, but adds Smart View for Onboard Recording add-on for up to two cameras.

What is Smart View Onboard Recording? Unlike the clip based recording that are based on event triggers, Smart View Onboard Recording records footage 24/7 to an SD card in the chosen cameras. Footage storage times is limited by the card size used but can potientially be viewable for up to a couple weeks. Oldest data is then recorded over. The sd card is encrypted and footage can only be viewed from the card while it is in your camera via your account via app or PC. Smart View Onboarding is somewhat like having an onsite NVR and is a great option to have for high priority cameras.


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  • If a car backed into your driveway and sat in the car, this person did not get out of the car, will this camera alert me that a car just pulled into my driveway?

    This is a service plan for cameras rather than a camera, but if you have an camera that has video analytics such as this one:
    Yes, you could get an alert if a car entered within the covered area.