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See below for an explanation of each service plan level Interactive Residential Services is becoming one of the leaders in remote service integration. provides a few levels of remote services for you. You can have the option of remotely controlling your alarm system via their smartphone application or through their website. They have great options for people who want to not only control their alarm systems remotely but also want the ability to remotely control their Z-Wave home automation devices as well. Not only can you get remote capability but you can also receive alarm notifications sent to an email address or a phone through text or push notifications.

With all the levels of service that can be obtained; is an attractive alternative to many other services

The systems that we sell on our website that are currently compatible are the following:

DSC Power Series
Qolsys IQ 4
Honeywell Vista Series

Each system, depending on age, provides a different level of integration between and the system itself. The DSC NEO and Qolsys IQ 4 provide the highest level of integration, meaning you get a smoother functioning service, and we as the dealer can provide you better support if need be. The DSC Power Series and the Honeywell Vista systems provide the lowest integration. 

You will also need an communicator for your alarm system. The Qolsys IQ 4 has one built-in already, but the rest of the systems require a communicator to be added on. You can find the communicators here: communicators

NOTE: You will only need to choose one of the service levels below. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Each service level is listed at the monthly cost but you will be paying for a full year i.e. Level 1 is $7.95/month with a total yearly of $95.40. These prices DO NOT include central station monitoring. You can find the monitoring fee here.

Level 1 - Wireless Signal Forwarding at $95.40 annually ($7.95/month):

Forwards all signals to central station via cellular radio and IP if connected. This includes daily supervision to check to make sure that the communicator and are still communicating properly. Wireless signal forwarding also includes Crash & Smash Protection. This exclusive technology lets the alarm system send alarm signals even if it is destroyed before it actually tries to call for an alarm. It does this by notifying of an entry delay. will then look for a disarm signal. If does not receive the disarm signal, it is treated just like an alarm. 

Note: This is for only to send the signal to the central station. You will also have to pay for the central station monitoring service if you want that service as well. You can find that monitoring fee here.

In summary, this is what you get:

  • Sending of alarm signals to a central station monitoring service

Level 2 - Residential Interactive at $167.40 annually ($13.95/month):

Includes features of the Wireless Signal Forwarding plan. But thanks to the many additional features of this service level, many people will use this for self-monitoring. Interactive gives you the ability to arm or disarm the alarm system remotely, view system status and event history, change user codes, change user permission levels, control multiple partitions, and access multiple systems from a single online account or mobile application. You can also set up custom notifications as email or text alerts as well as push notifications through the smartphone app. These notifications include obvious and important things like alarms, but you can also set up notifications for things like 24x7 sensor activity (50 sensors), regardless of arming status, and sensor left-open notifications where you can be notified, for example, if the front door sensor is left open for an extended period after everyone should be at work. The Interactive service plan also includes geo-services that intelligently trigger reminders or automation events with compatible devices based on your phone location and the custom geo-fence that you can designate.

In summary, this is what you get:

  • Wireless signal forwarding as per Level 1 package
  • Email and text notifications of all alarm events
  • Email and text notifications of non-alarm events for up to 50 sensors
  • Remote arming / disarming of system
  • User code management
  • Geo-tagging for intelligent triggering based on geo-location
  • Wireless Two-way Voice
  • Image sensor images - Alarms

Level 3 - Residential Interactive + Automation at $191.40 annually ($15.95/month):

Includes all Interactive features plus you also get home automation control for compatible devices. Thanks to the energy-saving features of home automation, this service plan can really pay for itself by lowering your utility bills. This includes many Z-Wave lights, locks, outlets, and switches. Various Z-Wave thermostats are also compatible and give you the ability to set custom automation schedules based on the time or alarm system events such as the alarm being armed in away mode. even allows integration with Nest thermostats. You can also connect garage door Z-Wave and Liftmaster controls.

In summary, this is what you get:

  • Includes all of the features from Level 2 
  • Image sensors images - Limited (provides image capture on disarm)
  • Audio integration
  • Zwave integration including - Garage Door Control, Irrigation Control, LiftMaster Integration, Lights, Lights and Thermostat Bundle, Locks, Lutron Integration, Thermostats, Water Management
  • Severe weather alerts

Level 4 - Residential Interactive Gold at $215.40 annually ($17.95/month):

Includes all Interactive and Automation features. Interactive Gold adds in Image Sensor Plus features as well as the option to include any of the following for no additional charge: Wireless Two-Way Voice, Weather to the Panel, and Severe Alerts. Using the Gold package also reduces the daily communication check-in time to 6 hours, meaning if your communicator cannot contact for any reason you will know within 6 hours of the connection loss. You must use Image Sensors with compatible communicators. You can set rules on when images should be captured as well as have on-demand peek-ins.

In summary, this is what you get:

  • All features from the Level 3 plan 
  • Image sensor Images- Plus (allows image sensor trigger on non-alarm events)
  • 6-Hour Supervision (Decreases the communication check-in time to 6 hours)
  • Weather to the Panel (Only for compatible alarm systems)


Ask a Question
  • Which level would include remote thermostat control? I am wanting to do level 2 just to have the remote capabilities of accessing my doorbell camera.

    To be able to control a Z-wave thermostat you would need to use the Interactive + Automation plan. Also, for the doorbell camera you will need the single doorbell with analytics service to attach that to your account.

  • We have a system in place. I cancelled my monitoring and subscription. I only need remote access. What is the cost or plan for remote access?

    You would need the Residential Interactive Plan @ 13.95 a mo.

  • What plan would I need to view my home cameras and doorbell video?

    If you have 4 cameras or less total, including the doorbell camera you would just need the Pro Video With Analytics plan. The new doorbell cams require the analytics part.

  • Which plan wil call the police and fire if needed

    None of the plans provide dispatching authorities. is a carrier and interactive services provider. You would need central station alarm monitoring for dispatching authorities.  See here:

  • Does the module have to forward all signals to a central station, or can I just have it send email and text alerts directly to my phone without central station?

    Sure, central station service is not required at all. You would just need a level 2 Interactive plan or higher to self monitor directly via only.

  • I have a Qolsys 2 system. What do I need (and cost) to have central monitoring and a system that can be remotely enabled/disabled?

    You would need the Level 2 service here that provides the interactive capability as well as the cellular signal forwarding for the central monitoring:

    And for the central station based alarm monitoring you would need this: