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Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Hybrid Alarm Systems

Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Hybrid Alarm Systems

The tried and true Honeywell Home and Resideo VISTA series panels. The VISTA Series hybrid panels are you're standard hardwired and wireless home or small business security system. Featuring The smaller VISTA 15P, the medium size VISTA 20P, and the VISTA 21IP which features built-in communication on the main board, there's a VISTA system to fit your needs. The VISTA Series panels out of the box support hardwired sensors, and wireless can be added when a receiver is equipped to the system. The VISTA Series wireless allows the use of the 5800 line of wireless devices from Honeywell and Resideo. 

More About Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Hybrid Alarm Systems

Honeywell is one of the oldest and most well-known names in the security equipment industry. They offer high-quality products to fit almost any home or business. Their Vista security systems are hybrid, modular panels that can do hardwired or wireless with the appropriate keypad or wireless module. All of these Honeywell systems come in kits so that you can save money and time when shopping for an alarm system. We carry the complete line of Honeywell keypads. They offer a selection of keypads across a range of prices: from the fixed message 6150 to the feature-rich Tuxedo keypad. They also offer a variety of features such as voice annunciation, built-in wireless receivers, and Z-Wave home automation controllers. Honeywell has created an array of wireless sensors to cover almost any need. They have the basics like contacts and motion detectors all the way to tilt sensors and temperature probes. You can also find a large selection of Honeywell expansion modules so that you can further customize your system to your desired specifications. They have everything from zone expanders to a power supply module to Z-Wave controllers to wireless receivers.

We have three options in the Vista line. The Vista 15P is the smallest of the three and is good for small to medium sized homes. The Vista 20P and 21IP panels are nearly the same. The only difference is that the 21IP comes with an internet communicator built into the panel. The Vista 20P and 21IP have 50% more zone capacity making them a great choice for a medium to large-sized home or small business. 

We currently carry 5 models of keypads and an automation module from Honeywell: 6150, 6160, 5828V, 6290, and the Tuxedo. The 6150 is a basic keypad that has a fixed readout that works well for basic system control and is budget-friendly. The 6160 is Honeywell’s standard keypad that comes in a few different versions, such as with an RF receiver or voice. It allows you to give zones custom names instead of just numbers. It is a great keypad for programming as it will actually show you what you are doing. The 5828V is Honeywell’s wireless keypad for Lynx and Vista systems that also has voice annunciation. The 6290 is a touchscreen keypad. Its user interface resembles the Lynx. Finally, there’s the Tuxedo keypad which is an upgraded version of the 6290. It offers features such as having a Z-Wave controller and connecting to your LAN via WIFI. 

Honeywell has a complete collection of wireless equipment. Their wireless equipment works with any Vista panel with a 5800 receiver. They have a sensor to fill just about any need that you may have for your home security system. Honeywell of course offers the basic sensors: contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors. They also carry many other things like water and temperature sensors, wireless keys, and panic buttons; just to name a few.

There are quite a few options available to upgrade the capabilities of your Honeywell alarm system. One of the areas that Honeywell has led the industry is the availability of Z-Wave integration into their alarm systems. They of course have the standard expansion boards for their Vista line that allows you to add additional hardwired components if you need more than what is available on the boards out of the box. They have a great power supply module that gives you the power boost you may need to run your extra keypads or sirens that can quickly eat up the available power on your alarm panel. This is not limited to just Honeywell panels either. Honeywell also makes a few different wireless receiver modules that work with their 5800 line of wireless equipment to make your Vista panel a hybrid alarm system. These are just a few highlights; check out the full list for all the available parts.