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Honeywell Security Wireless

Honeywell Security Wireless

If you have a wired system and can't wire for additional devices or you have an all wireless system then the Honeywell 5800 series wireless transmitters are the way to go. Some of the wireless devices you'll find are fire and smoke detectors, glass break detectors, temperature sensors, and also door/window and motion sensors. No matter what your needs; Honeywell has a wireless solution for you.


More About Honeywell Security Wireless

Honeywell Wireless is trustworthy and secure and most Honeywell systems that can utilize wireless devices have a secure transmission between the panel and the devices themselves. Another feature of the wireless devices is that any panel that uses them will have RF Jamming detection in case you get a smarter than average thief who will think to use a jamming device to disable the wireless portion of the system. With the Honeywell wireless devices you'll get an average 200' radius of wireless transmission out from the receiver and if you need to go further than that they make a repeater.