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Honeywell Security Expansion Modules

Honeywell Security Expansion Modules

Expansion modules for the Honeywell Vista Series alarm systems. If you need to add on to any of Honeywell's panels, be they wired or wireless systems, this section is where you'll find the hardware you'll need to make that happen.
Honeywell Ademco 5800RP RF Wireless Repeater Module
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More About Honeywell Security Expansion Modules

Honeywell Expansion Modules are used to add extra functionality to your Honeywell Vista series alarm system. For instance if you need more hardwired zones for your system than the initial 6 or 8 that come standard on the control board; you can add either the 4219 Zone Expander or the 4229 Zone Expander. Both of these will add 8 more hardwired zones to your alarm panel but the 4229 has two on-board relays that you can use to trigger external devices on an alarm condition like a siren or a strobe light or to provide resets for smokes. If all you need to add are relays for triggering then you can use the 4204 Relay Board. This is a board with 4 on-board relays for triggering external devices such as sirens, strobes, or resets for smoke detectors.

We also carry modules you can use to expand your Vista system with wireless detection devices. We have the 5881ENM which is a wireless receiver for the Honeywell Vista panels that can let you add up to 16 wireless zones. We also carry the 5881ENH wireless receiver and this can let you add as many wireless zones as your panel can handle. The next item we carry is the 5883H transceiver module and this will allow usage of all of the Honeywell wireless devices including those that require an RF House code to operate. We also have the 5800RP which is a wireless repeater module and this can be used if you're experiencing local interference causing interruption of the wireless signal or if you need to extend the range so you can place wireless devices out further than the standard 200 ft radius.

Another module customers use often is the A12612 add-on power supply board. This is used if you are going to be drawing more than the 600 mA that the main control board provides. This requires its own transformer, backup battery, and cabinet. There's also the 4120TR trigger cable which gets used to provide triggers for other devices or resets for smokes. This cable hooks on to the Vista trigger pins which can then be programmed to function different actions based on system status or functions.

The last item we have here would be used with the Honeywell Lynx L5210 and L7000 wireless alarm systems. This module is the L5100ZWAVE and this is a small card you can install inside your Lynx alarm system to give it the ability to use some Z-Wave automation devices like lights, locks, and thermostats.