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Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Alarm System Kits

Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Alarm System Kits

Below is our selection of the Honeywell Home and Resideo VISTA Series alarm systems. The 20P selections are custom kits designed to save you money if you are starting fresh. Check out the description below or click on a system to get more information about the VISTA Series options. 

More About Honeywell Resideo VISTA Series Alarm System Kits

If you are looking for an amazing deal to begin building your home or business security system, you have found it with our alarm system kits. The pre-designed alarm system kits give you all the basics that you will need for just about any alarm system installation at an incredible price. Not only will you get all the parts at a great price point, but you will save time by not having to go searching for each part individually. If you only need a couple of pieces from a kit, we do offer everything separately as well. The VISTA series is a very flexible, hybrid alarm panel line. It is hardwired out-of-the-box but can be expanded to utilize wireless devices as well. It has a multitude of expansion modules that allow you to customize your VISTA panel to fit almost any need.

We have 3 of Honeywell’s VISTA panels: VISTA 15P, VISTA 20P, and VISTA 21IP. All of the VISTA Series alarm systems come hardwired out of the box and will require at least 1 hardwired keypad. They are very modular, allowing you to add various expansion modules to give you the features that you want for your alarm system. The VISTA 15P is the smallest of the 3 panels. It has 6 zones built onto the panel out of the box. The 15P can be expanded up to 32 zones total. It can have a total of up to 22 hardwired zones and up to 26 wireless zones. The number of hardwired and wireless zones together cannot exceed 32 zones. It also has the capacity for 32 user codes. The Vista 20P is the next model up in the Vista series. It has 8 built-in hardwired zones. It can be expanded up to 48 total zones. These can be all hardwired or all wireless or any combination of the two that does not exceed the 48 zone limit. The VISTA 20P also has a 48-user code capacity. You can also split the panel into 2 partitions as well as having common zones that will only activate when both partitions are armed. Last, there is the VISTA 21IP. The 21IP is almost identical to the 20P. It has the same number of zones, user codes, and partitions. And it can use the same modules. The difference is that the 21IP has a built-in IP communicator that you can use as your communication device to a central station. Because of this, it has a specific LTE communicator for use with only the 21IP if you want to add dual-path communication.