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Alarm System Programming Service


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Alarm System Programming Service

All of the systems we sell can be programmed by you. We even provide simplified quick start programming guides upon request for most systems to make it easier. For those without the time or inclination to learn how to program them, we offer this optional pre-programming service. 

You can have our technicians pre-program and setup your system prior to it shipping. Once ordered, you will receive an emailed form to supply the required information. This will delay shipping 2-3 days after we receive your pre-program form.

Our pre-programming service includes:

  • Setting up and enrolling sensors zones as desired (large systems beyond 16 zones may incur an additional charge)
  • Enroll and program zone expanders, wireless transceivers, and power supply modules as needed
  • Custom labeling alpha keypads
  • Setting entry and exit delays
  • Setting up user codes and authority levels
  • Testing and verifying your system before shipping

Very large systems or those with custom / out-of-the-norm programming requirements such as those using multiple partitions may incur an additional fee. If you would like to verify if such a condition exists with your planned system, please feel to contact us. 95% of systems we program are A typical and do not incur additional fees to complete, so it is NOT common.

This is a great way to get your system up and going right after you receive it. Just run the wire from the panel out to all of the devices, sirens, and keypads, power up the system, and rest easy that you are now protected.

This is good for those who aren't very technically inclined or for those that need it to function now and learn about the workings of their system later.


Ask a Question
  • I have an existing Gemini system that is hard wired for the whole house. This includes eight doors, four windows, two motion, and four glass break sensors. I want to stay with the hardwired system, but need a modern product that has remote access capabilities. Does this product allow me to utilize all of the existing sensors with a new panel and does it have remote monitoring and control features?

    This product is a service for programming a new alarm system. Yes, you can use existing hardwired sensors and we can program them however you dictate into the new system. You get a form emailed to you that has the data we need once purchased.