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Honeywell Vista 20P 6160RF alarm system kit


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Honeywell Vista 20P 6160RF alarm system kit

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This Vista 20P alarm system kit features the 6160RF alpha display keypad. This keypad is just like the 6160 alpha programmable model except it adds wireless capability to the Vista 20P system. Note: The Vista series alarm systems all require either a 6160, 6160rf or 6160V keypad for programming and setup. You may use other models as secondary or additional keypads, but must have one of the 6160 series alpha programmable models for initial setup.

The Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P is a upper level system that can do eight hardwire zones out of the box, with the capability to do up to 48 zones total (wired or wireless) with the use of hardwire expansion and wireless expansion modules. Has two built in low current trigger outputs with expansion capability of up to 16 total. Features two system partitions, plus a common partition area, supports two wire (up to 16) and four wire type smokes, features up to 48 user codes, and a time stamped 100 event log viewable on the 6160 series model keypads.

The Honeywell 20P is great for mid range to large homes or small businesses. With the ability to handle a good amount of hardwired devices or wireless devices, by using a wreless receiver, the Honeywell 20P can fully protect your home or business from any invasion. The 20P has plenty of power and room for expansion. Total zone capacity of the 20P is 48 zones. No mater wired or wireless; it can handle them all. whatever wired zones you use; you subtract them from the total capacity and that's how many wireless you have left over.

You can also monitor a myriad of other things other than burglary with the 20P. Honeywell and many other manufacturers have devised devices to monitor smoke and fire, temperature, flooding and carbon monoxide. Addition of these devices makes Honeywell your number one choice for whole home protection. Never be caught off guard again!

Honeywell Vista systems are also capable of accomodating home automation using either the TUXEDO Color Touchscreen Keypad or the Honeywell VAM. You will be able to control lighting, thermostats, locks and blind/shade controls.

With the Vista's onboard programmable trigger outputs you can add extra sirens or trigger other devices like lights based on system status. For instance, if you wanted to add an additional siren and you've reached the maximum for your boards amperage output; you can use a power supply setup and the output triggers to accomplish this.

This Kit Includes:

1 - Vista 20P Control
1 - 6160RF alpha programmable LCD keypad
1 - IS3035V Hardwire motion detector with selectable pet immunity
1 - Wave2 106 db two tone siren
1 - 1321-1 Transformer (16.5VAC 25VA)
1 - 12 volt, 4 amp battery
Vista 20P User Guide
Vista 20P Programming Guide
4 - Alarm Warning Decals

Vista 20P Installation manual
Vista 20P User manual
Vista 20P Programming manual
Vista 20P Data sheet


Ask a Question
  • What is the firmware version of the Vista 20P?

    Current version on our shelf is 10.25 as of 12/18/23. We get fresh stock from Honeywell weekly so the versions we sell are generally very fresh dates / versions.

  • If I order the"Honeywell Vista 20P 6160RF alarm system kit" and two "Honeywell 5816WMWH Wireless Transmitter With Magnet" do I need any other modules or accessories to make this a fully functional system for motion and two entry doors?

    No, but do keep in mind the motion that is included in this kit is a hardwired one and not wireless like the 5816 transmitters you're adding.

  • Can I monitor and control this kit by using my cell phone? If yes, do I need additional PCB to connect to the motherboard? Please let me know. Thank you,

    For remote control and system notifications for this system we would recommend this dual path cell IP module:


    You can find the services available for these here:

  • Are EOL resistors included in the Honeywell Vista 20P 6160RF alarm system kit? If I purchased an additional IS3035V hardwire motion detector, would a resistor be included? Thank You

    Resistors are included with the system. Enough are provided for all 8 onboard zones. Sensors never include resistors.