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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Security Keypad and Smart Controller


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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Security Keypad and Smart Controller

 The TUXEDOW keypad is the replacement for the TUXWIFIW and has a few enhancements over the older keypad. This newer version has a sleek design that has Android tablet feel and measures in at 7.94" W x 5.06" H x 0.76" D. The TUXEDOW has a digital color high-resolution 7" TFT WSVGA display screen. The resolution is 1024 x 600.

Built into this keypad is a ZWave control that will allow you to add up to 232 ZWave devices, including ZWave Plus devices, to your local ZWave network. The TUXEDOW will let you set up to 10 scenes that can be activated by time, day, action, or conditions. 

This intuitive touchscreen keypad is icon menu driven. The keypad also voice announces system status such as the arming state. You can also view up to 8 IP cameras on the keypads screen and the cameras are viewable in 1-4 at a time views. This keypad also boasts a built-in web server that allows you to interface with it via your Local Areaa Network through any WIFI enabled device. You can also update the TUXEDOW's software through the internet if using a service like Total Connect or by using the SD card slot and loading it that way.

The including backplate allows you to retrofit this keypad to existing 6160 or 6280W installations.

TUXEDOW Installation Instructions

TUXEDOW Quick Install Guide

TUXEDOW Quick User Guide

TUXEDOW Data Sheet


Ask a Question
  • How easy is it to simply swap out this keypad for my old tuxwifi? My tuxwifi no longer works. I also no longer get email alerts for arm/disarm/alarms, etc.

    Swapping out the keypad is quite simple, you will just power down, remove the old keypad, and connect up the new one. After you boot up it will walk you through addressing the new tuxedo keypad and you should be good to go from there. As for the notifications those would come from a service rather than the keypad. Typically or Total connect is used with Vista panels.

  • Can this system work with 6150rf

    This is a keypad only, not a system. Same goes for your 6150RF you referred to. This keypad works with Honeywell Vista 15P and 20P security systems.

  • Can this model replace a 4150 model

    I've never heard of a 4150 model and can find no reference for it, so I would say no.

  • is this keypad compatible with the Nero system

    No. This keypad only works with the Honeywell Vista series. Keypads are always only compatible within the same brand line.