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Alarm Monitoring Service - Central Station Fee For One Year


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Alarm Monitoring Service Central Station Fee For One Year 

Central Station Alarm Monitoring is the service that allows our partner central station, to monitor your system and provide live operator dispatching for alarm activity to authorities and your call list.

This service provides 24/7 monitoring and live operator dispatching for all alarm signals types, not just burglary. We do not charge any additional fees for fire, medical, water, temperature or other environmental signals your panel may be capable of sending. Also includes notification of system troubles signals received. This service does not include supervised auto test signals, but you may manually test your system as often as you wish. We encourage a monthly testing at a minimum.

The central station's current standard response for alarms is:

Burglary: Verification #1, Verification #2, dispatch PD, then notify a contact on the call list.
Fire / Carbon Monoxide / Heat:
Dispatch FD, then notify a contact at verification numbers or the call list in that order.
Panic / Holdup:
Dispatch PD then notify contact on the call list.
Environmental alarms such as water, temperature or humidity:
notify a contact on the call list.
System Troubles:
Notify a contact on the call list.

Be advised these are the standardized responses. They may be customized somewhat if desired. The exception being that burglar alarms always require 2 call verification prior to dispatching PD. This is now the law in the majority of the US so it's become standardized.

This is the fee for the central station monitoring service itself. You may also need to select a communication path service that gets this alarm information to the central station. Since nearly all phone lines are now digital (even traditional lines that use to be analog), we no longer offer this service over regular phone lines as digital lines are not compatible with POTS communicatiors. These alternative communication paths are cellular and IP based.

Examples of these cellular / IP path services are Uplink, Total Connect, Alula, and Connect 24.

For DSC, Qolsys and Honeywell Vista Series, we generally recommend as they offer the lowest cost dual path service rates, plus they offer options for interactive services with your system as well. They also offer the greatest level of integration with these systems.

For all other systems, Alula and Uplink would be best choices. The only reason we may suggest Total Connect or Connect24 is in cases where you already have a communicator that can only use these services.

You will be responsible for obtaining the dispatch information and any alarm permits for your city before you can be activated. Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with an activation form for your service. This is where you will input the dispatch and permit information if required. Once the forms have been submitted, we will begin your activation process. Activation of a Central Station account can take up to 3 business days to get all of the information verified and entered. 

We do offer free insurance certificates for this service upon request.


Ask a Question
  • I already have an alarm system installed. If I want to switch the company I pay for monitoring services, do you provide this service? What is involved with switching companies?

    Yes that is what this service is. Once you purchase the service you are emailed the information required to activate your account. There is a setup form that you list your site and system information and an agreement to esign. Specific steps vary somewhat based on the system and communicator used.

  • a little confused. How much does the Alarm Monitoring Service-Central Station cost annually? Is there other cost for the security system/service? thanks

    The annual price is 107.40. There is a one time setup fee of $25 billed your first year. The only other cost would be if you are using a cellular communicator that uses services from, Alula, Total Connect, etc.  That cost varies based on which provider and plan you  use.