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Total Connect 2.0 Cellular IP Services

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Total Connect 2.0 Alarmnet Cellular IP Services

Alarmnet is Honeywell's signal forwarding and remote services department. They receive alarm signals coming from your panel and can forward them to a central station or, if you're using Total Connect 2.0, they can forward them to you through email and text notifications as well. Because Total Connect requires a central station account number to activate, all Total Connect plans require Central Station Monitoring as well.

Alarmnet can be used to send signal to a central station monitoring service, to send you the signals so you get alerted, and to incorporate Z-Wave home automation into your home for remote and local control of those Z-Wave devices. Below you will find a description of each level of service Honeywell's Alarmnet division provides. 

Honeywell Alarmnet Cellular - IP Communicator Service: $11.95 / month

IP Comm Service Package features

This level of Alarmnet Service provides you with signal forwarding to a central station monitoring service when using any Honeywell cellular or IP internet communicator.

This is not a stand alone fee for central station monitoring. You will also need to add the Central Station's yearly fee which can be found under the 'Alarm Monitoring Service - Central Station Fee For One Year' section.

Total Connect 2.0 Smart Security Package: $17.95 / month

Smart Security Package features

This level of Alarmnet Service gives you the 'Honeywell Alarmnet Cellular - IP Communicator Service' above, but also includes Honeywell's Total Connect features. Total Connect 2.0 allows the user to receive their own alarm email and SMS text notifications, add users to get notifications, and adds remote arming/disarming through the Total Connect 2.0 smartphone app. 

You will also get Total Connect Plus non-alarm notifications for up to 50 devices so even if the system is disarmed and you still want to know when a certain device is violated; this feature will allow this. 

Total Connect 2.0 Smart Home Security Package: $23.95 / month

Smart Home Security Package features

This level of Alarmnet Services includes the 'Honeywell Alarmnet Cellular - IP Communicator Service' and the 'Total Connect 2.0 Smart Security Package' but steps up the features by adding Z-Wave Home Automation control if your Honeywell system has any of the Z-Wave controllers found in the L5100-ZWAVE, TUXEDO Touchscreen, or the Honeywell Vista Automation Module (VAM).

This also includes Total Connect Premium which allows non-alarm notifications for an unlimited amount of devices so you can get notified of a breach even when the system is disarmed. Smart Home also includes 2-Way voice communication for bi-directional communication with central station if you have the proper equipment.


Ask a Question
  • If I have a Honeywell GSMVLP5-4 4G communicator, will it work? I have a lynx 5100.

    It will not. The GSM communicators are from the 3G generation and can no longer be activated. You would need to upgrade the communicator to an LTE version. The alternative is you can upgrade the panel to the Qolsys IQ Panel we have on our site here:

    With the IQ Panel you can use service, which is a similar service with a better price:

  • I already have total connect 2.0 The company I have is very expensive going through them. How can I connect through you.

    As long as you can get your current provider to release your communicator, it's a simple process to activate services. Once purchased we send you instructions via email and a link to a form to complete. After that we have you test communication to make sure it's working as expected before finalizing the activation. Keep in mind however, some larger companies in particular can be a chore to get your equipment released so that it may be activated with another provider.

  • I have multiple panels in different locations how does that work to i have to pay per site or one account with one fee?

    Every system requires a cellular communicator so each site requires it's it's own plan. 

    If you do not yet have a communicator for the system, we generally recommend over Total Connect service because it is generally a lower cost service and better rated by our customers. Here are the service plans for it if interested: