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Qolsys IQ Panel 4 PowerG + 345 Touchscreen Wireless Alarm System

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Leading the way in all-wireless technology, the IQ Panel 4 from Qolsys makes home security easy. This model comes with 2 wireless cards, one for PowerG and the other for 345mHz wireless. The 345mHz card works with legacy wireless devices from Honeywell and 2GIG.

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Qolsys IQ Panel 4 PowerG + 345 Touchscreen Wireless Alarm System

This alarm system uses dual-path service to communicate out. You can choose from Verizon or ATT networks.  

Qolsys continues to show how their take on alarm systems is not to be trifled with, the IQ Panel 4 stands out as one of the leading all wireless systems on the market. The IQ Panel 4 takes the best parts of the older IQ 2 and 2+ and adds improvements in every aspect. The main part that will likely stick out is the speaker bar containing 4 QuadSound front-facing 4watt speakers, boosting the sound capacity of this system over its predecessors. This gives you a comfortable 85-decibel siren built right into the system, along with Bluetooth for listening to music while you're at home cleaning or doing other daily activities.

Following the incredible user-friendliness of the IQ 2+ panel, the IQ Panel 4 contains an improved QualComm Snapdragon processor that runs the Android operating system at lightning speeds. Using this processor coupled with a tablet OS, the IQ Panel 4 remains one of the easiest systems to program to date. Not only will the system walk you through installation with a start-up wizard, but changing or adjusting settings in the future is a snap with the well-laid-out programming menu. The IQ Panel 4 also has loads of diagnostic tools to help with installation, such as wireless device placement testing, and cell/wifi network testing, so that you know before your done, every aspect of your system will operate effectively. 

The IQ Panel 4 again breaks the boundaries of wireless capability by providing a multitude of wireless card options. The main card remains the incredible PowerG secure wireless created by DSC, and even has improved range over the IQ 2+ system, stretching well beyond 1/4 of a mile open-air. Other wireless cards include 319mhz, 345mhz, 433mhz, zigbee, and more. Between these wireless card options, anyone with existing wireless devices from an older system can easily swap over to an IQ Panel 4 with minimal effort and installation time.

Built into the IQ Panel 4 is an cellular radio and z-wave hub allowing you to use's award-winning self-monitoring service to make some incredible additions to the system. Just to list a few, the panel supports 2-way audio for doorbell cams, you can create rules to make your panel interact with up to 137 smart home devices separated by type (80 lights, 20 Locks, 10 Thermostats, 21 Misc, 6 Garage Doors). Between the IQ Panel 4's incredible features on its own and the compatibility features with, the possibilities are almost endless. 

IQ 4 Installation Manual
IQ 4 Compatible Wireless
IQ 4 Zwave compatibility


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  • I Have Honeywell LYNX system currently, would like to use my 5800 devices and z-wave thermostats (TH8320ZW1000) and smart switches ZW4201 and 5800WAVE siren and 5800RP repeater and 5834 key fobs and Aeotec Energy Meter Gen5 and FortrezZ AAS1 and outdoor hardwired SIRENKIT-OD and garage door kit 5877GDPK-KT1. please let me know which devices are compatible, and what solutions if not. Thanks in advance, Tony

    The 345MHz IQ panel will be compatible with only some of the items you have listed. The 5800 device compatibility can be found through the link here: Compatible wireless but the repeater is not compatible. The IQ panel has much better range than Lynx panels though so you should not need it. Z-wave devices are also compatible across the board, but to varying degrees. To get the full capability of Z-wave on the IQ panel 4 though you will need Interactive + Automation service, and we recommend checking out's website to see the best Z-wave integration options. I can say from some of our testing the FortrezZ valve is compatible, but the meters they use are not unless that has been addressed recently. The SIRENKIT will not work with the IQ as it does not have a wired output, and the 5877 is a proprietary controller, so is unlikely to work as well.