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The Residential Interactive + Automation service improves on the regular interactive service from by adding smart home Z-wave automation. With this service, you can add an abundance of lights, locks, and other smart home devices so that you can control all of them with your app. By utilizing your home automation through, you will also have the capability to make your alarm system and smart home engage with each other. For example, you can set a Z-wave door lock to unlock when the panel is disarmed remotely, or have lights turn off when the system is armed. There is a multitude of possibilities when you factor in the number of smart home devices on the market nowadays.  

Upon purchase you will be emailed activation instructions. You will be auto-billed for your total on the same date each following month. Our services require no contract and may be canceled at any time.

Service Features include everything from the Residential Interactive service plus:

-Garage door & gate control
-Severe weather alerts
-Audio integration
-Lift Master integration
-Lutron integration
-Irrigation control
-Unexpected activity alerts
-Water Management


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  • does system work with 2GIG alarms. Can the interface be internet or does it require cell phone connection? Is there an app that I can remotely control my alarm and get messages

    If your 2GIG system has an communicator, yes it work. All communicators are dual path IP and cellular, cell primary and backs up to IP. Yes there is an app for remote control and notifications.