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The premium residential service from, the Residential Interactive Gold package improves upon the Interactive + Automation service. Choosing the Gold Service changes your daily communicator supervision to 6-hour supervision so you know sooner if your system cannot communicate out. In addition, your system will now be constantly updated with the weather on the system keypads. If you have image sensors, the Gold Service improves upon the frequency and storage your service is capable of. All of the automation upgrades are included in the Gold package, with the exception of priced add-ons. 

This is an activation cost ONLY. Once your service has been activated you will be billed for your first month of $17.95 + any other services you have. Every month following you will be auto-billed on that date. Our services do not require a contract and can be canceled at any time. 

Service Features include everything from the Interactive + Automation package plus:

-Weather to the panel
-6-hour supervision window