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The base-level interactive service from This service allows you to use an app and computer portal to remotely arm/disarm your system. You will also be able to receive push, text, and email notifications for alarms and trouble conditions present on the system. Up to 50 sensors can be monitored for activity as well, meaning any time the sensor is tripped you can be notified. Interactive service also includes the wireless signal forwarding functionality if you want to have Central Station Alarm Monitoring as well. 

Upon purchase you will be emailed activation instructions. You will be auto-billed for your total on the same date each following month. Our services require no contract and may be canceled at any time. 

Service Features:

-Wireless signal forwarding
-Remote arming/disarming
-Cancel/verify alarms
-User code management
-Sensor activity for up to 50 sensors
-Wireless 2-way voice
-Images-limited (for image sensors)


Ask a Question
  • we have a dsc alarm system, do you service that ?

    We provide interactive and monitoring services for DSC systems, however we do not provide any on site services such as tech visits to reapair a system.

  • Are there additional cell fees to connect to TL880LECVZ cell communicator ?

    No, the cellular fee is inclusive of the plan service fee.

  • Just bought new house which has DSC alarm system installed. How can I activate?

    It would need to have an communicator on the system and you would need the installer code to the system in order to activate it with us.

  • (1) Does this Residential Interactive Service include Central Station Alarm monitoring service? (2) Are your comms to/from my home system encrypted? If not, how do you handle hackers/cyber security?

    Central station service is always a separate service. doesn't provide that service, only interactive service and the forwarding of signals to a central.
    The DSC TL880 communicators do use 128 bit encryption.

  • Hi, I have currently installed a security system that is accessible using and monitored through a central station. I want to switch from my current service from another 3rd party vendor to your company service plan: "Residential Interactive $13.95/month". What is the information that you need to switch my service and activate my security system under your account?

    To activate your service we need the IMEI # off your system / communicator. We send a short form once ordered requesting this and some other basic information, name address, etc.

  • I bought a Qolsys iP 4 wireless system... I live in Trinidad and Tobago... Will I be able to access this service ?

    No for two reasons. The Qolsys systems we sell have cellular communicators that only work on US based cell towers by AT&T and Verizon. Also, we only offer services within the US and US territories.