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Connect 24 Cellular Communicator Monitoring Add-On


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Connect 24 Cellular Monitoring Add-On

If you wish to have your alarm system monitored via a Connect 24 cell communicator, you will need to purchase this service.

We generally only recommend C24 service for customers that already have communicators that require C24. We recommend and endorse or Alula for cellular / dual path services whenever possible because of the lower cost and additional features these providers offer.

Service fee is for one year of cellular / dual path signal forwarding service to our central station partner. Service will renew automatically annually thereafter until you cancel. Service fee is for transmission of alarms and trouble conditions and does not apply to open / close reporting for commercial accounts.


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  • does monitor dual path communicator?

    Yes, and all of the current communicators are dual path.

    This product you are asking this question on however has nothing to do with Connect24 is only for use with certain DSC branded communcators that are not compatible. See here for the communicators: