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The ADC-W115C is a dual-function device, providing a wireless doorbell chime for doorbell cameras, as well as acting as a WiFi extender for any ADC camera. The ADC-W115C was designed for situations where tying into hardwired doorbell chimes is not a reasonable option. This device plugs into a wall outlet, and ties to an doorbell offering a wireless chime with a very fast response time. Installation is made easy using AP or WPS connection modes. Once connected to your WiFi network, additional WiFi cameras can be connected to the ADC-W115C to give those cameras a priority network, improving connectivity. 

Installation of this device is incredibly simple, as once it is plugged into an outlet, you will use the app to connect it to your network and customize its options. Once enrolled into your account, both the chime tone and chime volume can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The chime in the ADC-W115C can put out up to 77db of sound, which should easily be heard throughout an average-sized home. The ADC-W115C can only operate on the 2.4GHz WiFi frequency, so when connecting it to your network, you will not see an option for 5GHz. While this device does offer extended WiFi coverage for cameras, its main focus is acting as a wireless doorbell chime, so if you only need the prioritized WiFi network for your cameras, you should also check out the ADC-SG130 Smart Gateway. However, if you plan on using an doorbell camera, but do not want to risk your hardwired chime, there is no better, or more affordable option than this product. 



  • Wi-Fi Connection - 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
  • Wi-Fi Security - WPA2
  • LED Indicators - 4
  • Buttons - WPS, Reset
  • Antennas - 2
  • Wi-Fi Chime - 1.5 W speaker, 77 dB
  • Operating Temperature - 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
  • Operating Humidity - 10% to 90% (non-condensing) RH
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - With antennas 5.0 x 1.0 x 2.1” (12.7 x 13.0 x 5.4 cm)
                                               Without antennas 3.3 x 3.3 x 2.1” (8.5 x 8.5 x 5.4 cm)


Ask a Question
  • Hello, how do i turn off the SSID broadcasting of the chime?

    You cannot disable the SSID broadcast from the W115C as it must be active and accesable for your doorbell camera. If you no longer wish to see it show up on your other local wifi devices though, most devices have an option to "forget network" and that should keep it from reappearing.

  • Does the camera show in color at night

    This product is a doorbell chime module. It has no camera. generally doorbell cameras are connected to it.

  • Does this work for the wired doorbell?

    Yes, according to the documentation any doorbell can be connected to it as a remote chime.

  • How much does the wireless chime weigh?

    Aproximately 1.5 pounds