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ADC V523X 1080p Indoor Wi-fi Camera With HDR and 2-Way Audio


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ADC-V523X 1080p Indoor Wi-fi Camera With HDR and 2-Way Audio

What you get:

  • V523X camera
  • Mounting plate
  • Power supply
  • User guide
  • Wall anchors & screws (x2)

The ADC-V523X is an indoor Wi-Fi camera you can use for surveillance of your home or business. It is compatible with the Video Analytics 3000 service which will allow you more control of your surveillance. This camera has an impressive 117-degree field of view giving you a wide look at the area you're covering. You'll also get a great picture using this camera as it features 1080p HD resolution. It also features HDR (High Dynamic Range) which will help improve color and contrast in video images. This camera also has two-way audio for talking back and forth between yourself and whoever is in the vicinity of the camera.

The camera uses a 3.0 mm lens and a 1/2.7 CMOS 2.1 MP image sensor. It uses the H.264 recording format to capture video footage. The V523X also has IR night vision and can see in total darkness up to 15ft. You can control certain aspects of video effects such as flipping the image, adjusting brightness, adjusting contrast, changing color saturation, sharpness, and exposure.

The ADC-V523X is ethernet and WI-FI capable so you can use either method to connect the camera to the internet. When using Wi-Fi the camera will operate on either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless frequencies. The camera can be used in temperature ranges of 32°F - 104° F. It is powered by a 12 V - 1 A DC power supply and measures in at 2.4 x 3 x 3.7”

The ADC V523X has had some modifications made during its lifespan as well, meaning the V523X now has an SD card slot capable of 24/7 onboard recording. This will require a video package that is capable of on-board recording, like the Pro Video with Analytics, or Premium Video packages. We also carry the SD cards recommends for their cameras if you wish to get the best option for your cameras. 

*Requires an Video service package to use*

ADC-V523 Quick Start Guide

ADC-V523 Data Sheet



Ask a Question
  • How do I get audio with my camera?

    Your camera should always pick up audio during live view and clips recorded via a recording rule. By viewing your clips on the website login you can hear the audio. Audio is not recorded for 24/7 recording options, and it is not sent on MMS notifications.

  • Can this be used outdoor?

    No, it is an Indoor camera.

  • Is it POE?

    No, it is Wifi.

  • What is the maximum MicroSD card size (in GBs please) that the camera can handle? I am looking at purchasing memory cards for the camera, so I don't have to always depend on "the cloud" to backup all my footage, plus I want to enable 24/7 recording, but "cannot do that without a MicroSD card installed". Could not find it on the box, in the instruction manual, the spec sheets, the website, etc. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    512GB. See here: