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DSC Power G NEO Wireless Motion - Glassbreak & Fire Detectors

DSC Power G NEO Wireless Motion - Glassbreak & Fire Detectors

DSC Power G NEO Wireless Motion - Glassbreak & Fire Detectors offer burglary and life safety protection and provide reliable cover in any residential or commercial application. Because of their encryption and ability to cut through resistance due to their frequency hopping feature; you'll be able to rely on these devices in emergency situations such as burglary, fire, or other emergencies

More About DSC Power G NEO Wireless Motion - Glassbreak & Fire Detectors

DSC makes a wide range of devices and they work well for burglary protection and life safety. If you need reliable motion detection then the DSC NEO Power G devices are a sure choice. The PG9914 is a standard PIR wireless motion sensor that can be used for everyday installs and features pet immunity for pets up to 85 lbs. If you need a motion detector that will stand up to false alarms and has pet immunity as well then you'll want to look into the PG9984P Dual technology wireless motion detector. The PG9924 curtain motion can be used in areas where one would be worried about environmental movement like curtains setting the system into alarm. This motion features True Motion Recognition to help prevent those types of incidents. If you're needing motion detection for an outdoor install then you can use the Power G PG9994 wireless outdoor motion detector. 

If you need protection for your windows then DSC offers two wireless items for the DSC NEO panels that you can use. First there's the PG9922 wireless glassbreak detector and it will listen for the sound of breaking glass within a 25' radius from where you install it. The second item would be the PG9935 wireless shock detector. These can be placed on glass window panes to detect if someone tries to smash the window and detects vibration.

For life safety purposes DSC makes the PG9936 wireless Power G smoke and heat detector. These work great to protect your home from a fire by using advanced detection technology. This can not only detect smoke but can detect a sudden rise in temperature as well. If you have gas appliance in your home such as a cooking stove or a gas heater then you'll want to have a PG9933 wireless Power G carbon monoxide detector. These can be placed near equipment with pilot lights for early detection and also in hallways outside of bedrooms.