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DSC PowerSeries HSM2HOST9 PowerG 915Mhz Host Transceiver Module

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The HSM2HOST is a wireless transceiver for the DSC NEO. To install it you will need to wire the HOST into the keybus on the NEO. This can be used in conjunction with a wireless keypad like the HS2LCDWF9ENGN to create a fully wireless DSC NEO system.

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DSC PowerSeries HSM2HOST9 PowerG 915Mhz Host Transceiver Module

The HSM2HOST9 two-way wireless transceiver adds wireless capability to PowerSeries Neo alarm controllers, model HS2128, HS2064, HS2032, or HS2016. The HSM2HOST receives signals from wireless zones and wireless keys and provides information to the alarm controller it is connected to. This manual describes how to install, program, and maintain the HSM2HOST. Note that only one HSM2HOST or one RFK keypad can be enrolled on the alarm system.  


Current Draw: 60mA
Voltage: Draws current from the PowerSeries Neo alarm controller (10.8VDC to 12.5VDC) - (Limited Power Supply)
Frequency: 433MHz (HSM2HOST4), 868MHz (HSM2HOST8), 912-919MHz (HSM2HOST9UL)
Zones - can receive signals from up to 128 wireless zones, plus 16 wireless keypads. Also supports up to 32 wireless keys or 32 panic pendants
and 16 sirens
Supervisory - programmable supervisory window
Can be wired up to 1000 ft. / 230 m from the main panel with 22 AWG wire
Connects to Corbus
Compatibility: The HSM2HOST is used with PowerSeries Neo alarm panels
Operating temperature: 0°C to +49°C (32-122°F)
Relative humidity: 93% non-condensing
Separate, built-in wall and case tamper

DSC HSM2HOST9 Installation manual
DSC HSM2HOST9 Installation guide
DSC HSM2HOST9 Specifications sheet


Ask a Question
  • How many wsx936 detectors does this module support?

    This module does not support WS legacy wireless devices. It only works with PowerG sensors which you can find here:

  • what is the difference between Host Transceiver Module and a Wired to Wireless module

    The difference is the systems they work with. The HOST9 module is the wireless transceiver for the DSC NEO allowing it to use wireless devices. The wired-to-wireless translators however are used for all-wireless systems (such as the Qolsys IQ Panel 4) to allow them to incorporate hardwired sensors by reporting wirelessly to the system. The DSC NEO is by default a hardwired system, so there are no wired-to-wireless translators that work with it. In the same respect, the IQ 4 wireless system already has wireless capability, so no transceiver is needed.


Supports up to 128 wireless zones and 32 wireless keys - varies per panel
Supports DSC PowerG devices
Compatible with PowerG Repeater (PG9920) for range extension
All wireless detectors are fully supervised for communication integrity