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DSC PG9911B-BATT Wireless Power G Outdoor Siren and Strobe (Includes Lithium Battery)

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The perfect combination of a siren, strobe, and wireless technology, the PG9911B is a very effective outdoor wireless siren for the DSC NEO or Qolsys IQ Panels. Giving you 110db of sound output and a bright blue flashing strobe, anyone close by will know your home has been compromised and emergency services will have no problem locating the alarm.

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DSC PG9911B-BATT Wireless Power G Outdoor Siren and Strobe (Includes Lithium Battery)

The DSC PG9911B-BATT Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren and Strobe can be added to any DSC NEO alarm system that has either a keypad like the HS2LCDRF9ENG with its built-in transceiver or by using the HSM2HOST9 transceiver. 

The PG9911B-BATT includes the Lithium battery that powers it so you won't have to purchase this separately. The siren itself can produce a piercing alarm sound of 110 dB and has a built-in blue strobe light that will act as a visual alert to draw more attention. The siren is fully supervised which means that it can register tamper conditions in case an intruder tries to defeat it by removing it from its mounting position and it will send battery life status to the main alarm to let you know if you need to change out the battery or not.

The siren and strobe will make different noises and flashing patterns for burglary, fire, or medical conditions so that the exact nature of a problem can be ascertained by those who are outside of the home or business. The siren features multichannel, frequency hopping technology that helps to overcome blocking attempts and helps to deal with any sort of environmental electrical interference. The PG9911B-BATT has an impressive transmission range of up to 6,651 feet line-of-sight. This sign also features 128 bit AES encryption to make it hard for anyone to tamper with if they happen to try. 

The siren measures 11.63 x 7.31 x 2.5 in. and the battery that comes with this has an 8-year life expectancy. This siren can take what the environment will dish out as far as weather goes because of its robust weatherproof housing. It has an Ingress Protection rating of IP5 and will stand up to dust and jets of water.  

NOTE: This item cannot be shipped via air and as such cannot be
shipped outside of the lower 48 USA. These also cannot be shipped via expedited shipping. (2nd Day, Overnight, etc.)


Dimensions:... 295 x 186 x 63mm (11.63 x 7.31 x 2.5 in.)
Battery Life: ............................up to 8 years (typical use)
Battery Type: ............3.6V, Li-Thionyl Chloride 0-102710
Weight (including battery): ............................970g (34oz)
Operating Temperature: ...........................-33°C to 70°C (-27.4°F to 158°F)

DSC PG9911 Installation manual
DSC PG9911 Specifications sheet


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