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15 Watt Indoor Dual Tone Wall Mount Siren SS100H


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The SS100H is an easy-to-install, two-tone siren for 6-12V systems. Provides 110 decibels of output and draws only 400mA of power. Great for any indoor environment.

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15 Watt Indoor Dual Tone Wall Mount Siren SS100H

This is a 15-watt indoor dual tone siren is a great solution for having a siren indoors. It measures 4" x 4" x 2" and mounts directly on the surface of a wall. The siren has a loud 110 dB of sound and will be loud enough to be heard through the house when an alarm condition occurs. The housing of this siren is made from high-impact ABS plastic and can take regular wear and tear. This siren is made to be used on systems with a 6-12 V power structure and has a power draw of 400 mA. This siren is dual tone meaning that it can have a steady tone or a warble tone depending on which positive wire you hook up at the panel. 

The siren is easy to mount and comes with screws and wall anchors. You'll pop off the front and then place the siren on the wall in the space you're mounting it at. Hook up the wires for whatever tone you're going to use. Then mark your holes and secure them with the screws. 


High impact white ABS housing
Two-tone, yelp and steady
6-12VDC operating range
400mA current
110dB (steady) 110dB (yelp)
18 cycles / 5 sec sweep circle duration
4″(L) x 4″(H) x 2″(D)
Tone: steady or yelp (wiring selectable)

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