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30 Watt Indoor Outdoor Dual Tone Siren M85PDS


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Great for a loud outdoor siren, the M85PDS boasts a loud 117 decibel output with a 350mA draw. Comes with 2 tones available, steady or warble.

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30 Watt Indoor Outdoor Dual Tone Siren M85PDS

The M85PDS is a 30-watt dual tone siren that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. We do recommend this for outdoor use though because of its size and decibel level. The body of the siren is made from high-impact ABS plastic which means that this siren will be able to handle regular outdoor weather conditions all year round. Being a dual-tone siren; you will be able to use either of the two positive wires to produce a steady tone or a warble tone. This siren will work on systems that have a 6-12 volt power structure. This siren will blast at 117 dB and will scare most thieves off.

Just as the 20 Watt MG50JR; the 30 watt M85PDS is built with Piezo Dynamic Technology. This technology uses different components in the making of the siren. Most older sirens used big, heavy magnets to make the siren sound. Piezo Dynamic Technology uses full-sized diaphragms and ceramic wafers to achieve a lot of what the older sirens used magnets for. This makes the siren super-efficient and lets it draw much less power. This siren only draws 375 mA making it a great solution for your siren needs.


New Patented Piezo Dynamic Technology
30 Watt Dual Tone Siren
375 mA (+/- 10%)
117 dB (+/- 3 dB)
6-12 Volt DC Operation
High Impact ABS Housing
Weather Resistant
5" x 8" (125MM X 200MM)
Weight: 1.3 LBS (532 GM)

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Ask a Question
  • Can you connect two sirens split off one power wire ? And if so which 18g wire the two or four strings wire

    Based on this particular sirens current draw, yes you could run two of them off one run.

  • What type of wires to connect

    We recommend 18ga wire and it requires two conductors.