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DSC PowerSeries NEO Keypads

DSC PowerSeries NEO Keypads

The DSC PowerSeries NEO has a wide variety of keypads for you to choose from. You can mix and match models as long as you don’t exceed the keypad limit for your control panel. You’ll find fixed message, full message, and touchscreen keypads with features like built-in PowerG transceiver, fully wireless, voice, and proximity tag support. With so many choices we’re confident you’ll be able to find the keypad that fits your needs and budget!


More About DSC PowerSeries NEO Keypads

The DSC PowerSeries NEO line (2016, 20322064, and 2128) has maintained the classic PowerSeries look for their keypads while also adding new details to improve the look and quality of the units. They have 3 main types of keypads. The first is the icon keypads which are a fixed message keypad. These are great for secondary keypads that will just be used for arming and disarming. The second is the full message LCD keypads. These look just like the icon keypads, but the screen will display much more information such as programming sections, the event log, and custom zone labels. This is the most common style and we recommend every system have at least one of the LCD or better keypads for programming and troubleshooting if nothing else. The last style is the touchscreen keypad. The touchscreen keypads have an intuitive graphical interface that will make day to day use much more pleasant while also looking great on the wall. You can mix or match keypads as you desire.

Once you choose the style of keypad there are various other options that you can possibly choose from: proximity, wireless, built-in transceiver, and voice. Not all styles will have every iteration of combination of these features, but if there’s a must have feature that you’re looking for it will help you narrow down your search quickly.

If you see a ‘P’ in the part number that means that the keypad has a proximity tag reader. Proximity tags are assigned to a particular user code and allow you to just hold the tag up to a target on the keypad instead of entering that code. They are often a great option for kids or employees since you don’t have to worry about them forgetting their code as long as they have their proximity tag. Many people of all kinds love using their tags for the convenience though.

A ‘WF’ in the part number means that the keypad is completely wireless. These keypads work for an all wireless system or if you want to add a keypad somewhere that you don’t have wires going to. They are powered by AA batteries and there’s also an optional power transformer to power the keypad using your house AC.

Many people love getting a hardwired keypad with a built-in PowerG transceiver module since it kills two birds with one stone and saves money over buying a keypad and host module separately. By adding the PowerG transceiver you can greatly increase the potential of your alarm system. Just look for the ‘RF’ in the part number.

Finally a ‘V’ indicates that the keypad has voice prompting. Voice prompting is an awesome convenience feature that can give you information about the system without having to even look at the keypad.