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DSC 9VADAPTERUS Power Supply for WTK5504/HS2LCDWF Keypads


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DSC 9VADAPTERUS Power Supply for WTK5504/HS2LCDWF Keypads

If you're using the DSC WTK5504, WTK5504P, HS2LCDWF9ENG, or HS2LCDWFPV9ENG keypads then this power supply can be used for them. Make changing batteries in your keypad a thing of the past.

Wireless keypads usually go into what's called a "sleep mode" or "power saving mode" when being powered by battery only. This will cause the keypad to go blank until a key is pressed. With the 9VADAPTERUS power supply; the keypads will always stay on so you can see status without waking it up with a button press.

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A

Output: 9V DC 1.25 A


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  • Can you extend the 9v power adapter? And how long?

    DSC does not make an extension for this.

  • Hi Does this adapter have a right angled jack? Not seeing this clearly on the pic.

    The jack is angled rather than straight type.