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Power Supply Add-On Kit

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Power Supply Add-On Kit

We've been selling additional power supplies for a long time now but before we introduced this product you had to piece everything together. Now we have put everything in one convenient package.

What you'll get in this kit:

1 - DSC PC5003c large expansion cabinet
1 - Ademco 12612 Power Supply Board
1 - DSC PTC1640 System Power Transformer (16.5vac, 40va)
1 - DSC BD412 System Backup Battery (12 volt 4 amp)

You can use this kit to provide additional power if you've exceeded or have near exceeded the auxiliary power that your panel provides. You can also use this kit to power an extra siren. We have added the option to purchase a relay because you will need one if your using this for a siren.

The ELK 912 relay is general purpose and can be used with most alarm panels.

If you're alarm system is the Lynx L5200 then you'll want to choose the Altronix Ultra Sensitive Relay Module because of the L5200's very low amperage siren outputs.


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  • I have a Vista 20P and bumping right at 600, so thinking that this might help with balancing the load. Is there any special considerations I need to be aware of?

    It does not provide additional power to the system bus, but rather acts as a separate power source for devices. Since it's not supervised by the system, you shouldn't use it for normally open life safety devices such as smoke detectors.