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DSC PG9WLSHW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Converter Module For Qolsys IQ Panels


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DSC PG9WLSHW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Converter Module For Qolsys IQ Panels

Using the PowerG Wired to Wireless Expansion is a simple and efficient way to utilize existing wired sensors and DSC NEO keypads with your IQ Panel. This module effectively gives you a DSC NEO main keybus for your IQ Panel. Allowing you to add NEO Keypads, a wired siren output, 4 PGM programmable outputs as well as 8 hardwired zones. This module uses PowerG wireless technology to connect to your IQ Panel, so utilizing any existing wired components is very straightforward. Once connected to the system through the wireless enrollment, you will have access to all of the settings for the attached devices. This module can supply a total of 700 mA to keypads and security devices, as well as a 700 mA bell output for a siren.

The PG9WLSHW8 is a great way to cover a separate area as well. By utilizing the keypad, smoke, and zone inputs, you can essentially use this module as an entire partition for your system. Using the module in this way can make covering a shed or outbuilding a breeze, especially if you already have the equipment to do so. This will essentially create an entire secondary system if you so choose. 

This module is great if you have the need for wired smoke detectors. You can use both 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors by utilizing the AUX2 terminals. This allows you to use any existing wired smokes you may have as well as set up a hardwired fire detection system with just this module. This will allow you to save cost on fire detection sensors, while still getting the full user experience of the Qolsys IQ Panel.

One thing to keep in mind when using keypads on this module is the fact that they cannot be used for programming. When you have a keypad attached to the PG9WLSHW8 it can only be used for normal use such as arming, disarming, checking zone status, and keypad function keys. All programming will be done through the IQ Panel.

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Ask a Question
  • Is the DSC PG8WLSHW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Converter Module, or DSC PG9WLSHW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Converter Module available as the circuit board only, no case?

    If there is it would be for warranty replacements and not available for resale. We only have the the one on this page.

  • How many of the hardwired keypads will this support? Which ones are compatible?

    It can support up to 4 keypads depending on the total current draw available. The wired keypads are the NEO button style keypads (except for the RF9 models.) A full list of compatible keypads and instructions for use start at the bottom of page 23 in the manual which is in the product listing.

  • Does this work with IQ4?

    Yes, the PG9WLSHW8 works with all IQ panel systems from the IQ2 system onward.