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Qolsys IQ REMOTE Power G Touchscreen Keypad IQR-PG


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Qolsys IQ REMOTE Power G Touchscreen Keypad IQR-PG

An updated version of the IQ Remote, the IQR-PG uses PowerG wireless technology to provide a seamless wireless connection to your IQ system. The previous generation IQ Remote could only connect to the IQ panel using WiFi access, so it was limited in many scenarios where WiFi was not available or didn't have the range to allow it to operate as intended. Using a PowerG wireless signal, the IQR-PG can be used with all current IQ panel 4s because all IQ4 systems come with the PowerG wireless card. Be aware the IQR-PG does not work with older IQ panels, you must have an IQ Panel 4, IQ4NS, IQ Hub, or IQ Pro system to use the IQR-PG. It also allows a much better connection at much longer ranges over the WiFi version due to how well PowerG wireless signal operates. 

The IQR-PG brings an updated look to IQ Remotes and a few additional features the previous model did not have. First, you'll notice the IQR-PG has a speaker bar along the bottom of the device providing an 85db siren output. The touchscreen is similar in size offering a 7-inch LCD touchscreen with a 1024x600 resolution. While the IQR-PG does not use WiFi as its main wireless signal, it can still be connected to WiFi for its standard connection, and firmware updates pushed from Qolsys. Another major addition to the IQR-PG as compared to the previous version is a much better backup battery. The backup battery in the IQR-PG is rated for up to 24 hours of power after a loss of AC to the unit, which is about 6 times what the previous gen offered. You are also allowed a certain level of programming options through the IQR-PG giving you the ability to go in and make changes without having to go to the main IQ unit. 

In all, the IQR-PG is an incredibly optimized and upgraded version of the IQ Remote, and the recommended secondary keypad if you're looking to put an IQ system in your home. Installation of the unit is incredibly simple as well offering wall mount options as well as a desk mount option, and the only wiring you will do is plugging the included transformer into the wall to keep the IQR-PG's battery charged. Enrolling the unit on your system is very simple as well giving you prompts on both the IQ main unit and the IQR-PG, and when both are triggered the IQR-PG will connect to your system and start acting as a secondary display.


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