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Qolsys QZ2300-840 Wireless Zwave IQ Siren


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Qolsys QZ2300-840 Wireless Zwave IQ Siren

An effective and easy-to-use indoor siren, the Qolsys Z-wave IQ Siren allows you to easily increase the sound of your IQ Panel throughout your home in an instant. Just plug this siren into a wall and enroll it through the z-wave devices menu on the IQ Panel. Once enrolled, you have an extra 105db of sound to alert you when an alarm condition occurs.

The IQ Siren works with all IQ Panels that have a z-wave card in them, and up to 3 can be enrolled at once.

Being a z-wave siren also benefits your entire smart home network. The Qolsys Z-wave IQ Siren doubles as a repeater for the rest of the z-wave devices in your home. With its slim and unobtrusive design, this wireless siren from Qolsys is the perfect addition to a home with an IQ Panel. 

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  • Will this work on dsc neo 2032

    Not unnless you have a TL880 module with service. The Neo series does not have a z wave controller built in.

  • will this work with a olsys iq panel 4 with a z wave 700-seriesmodule

    Yes, will work with any IQ panel that supports Z-wave.