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Qolsys IQ4 NS PowerG Only - IQ Panel 4 No Screen Variant

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Qolsys IQ4 NS PowerG Only

An innovative new take on the Qolsys IQ panels comes the IQ4 NS. The IQ4 NS is a no-screen variant of the standard IQ 4s. The lack of a screen allows a significant price discount, but the system retains almost all of its functionality (see chart below for specific differences). Programming this system couldn't be easier as well with the new IQ Installer app that will enable you to reach your systems programming through an app on a smartphone or tablet. Once in the app, it feels exactly like programming a regular IQ panel 4, allowing you to adjust all settings and codes for the system. The Installer programming app cannot be used to operate the system though. You will need either activated on your panel for app control or a secondary keypad. 

As with all other IQ 4 systems the IQ4NS is capable of supporting up to 128 wireless devices, whether they be PowerG, or the secondary wireless if your model supports one. This particular model uses only a PowerG wireless card, so you are limited to PowerG devices only, but PowerG remains the highest-quality alarm system wireless on the market to date. That means this panel is ideal for those looking to put a new system in, or completely overhaul their current alarm system with a new wireless setup. Those with a wired system can still use this system by making use of the PG9WLSHW8 wired-to-wireless translator

Along with the wireless cards for security sensors, the IQ4NS also has an dual-path communicator and Z-wave card built-in allowing you to take full advantage of's interactive and automation plans. The IQ4NS is specifically designed to be operated via Interactive service for all daily user functions. Be aware that if you do not use with the IQ4NS that is fine, but you will require a secondary keypad, whether it be the IQ Remote PG keypad or an HS2LCDWF9 keypad from the DSC NEO. This would be the only way to arm and disarm the system without the remote access provides. 

Qolsys IQ4NS Install Manual 

Qolsys IQ4NS User Manual

Qolsys IQ4NS Spec Sheet

Qolsys IQ Panel Comparison Chart


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