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Hardwired Alarm Systems

Hardwired Alarm Systems

We offer all the top brands of Hardwired Alarm Systems. Though these are typically referred to as "hardwired systems", a more accurate description would be Hardwired / Wireless Hybrids because though all start out as hardwired all of them within this category can do a combination of hardwired and wireless if desired with the addition of a wireless module.
  • DSC Security

    DSC Security

    We offer a large selection of DSC Security Systems spanning several models of their popular hardwired Power Series and their high end large scale Maxsys line....

  • Honeywell Security

    Honeywell Security


  • Elk Security

    Elk Security

    All systems we sell are new and factory fresh with the latest firmware versions. All systems and equipment include full user, installation and programming manuals. Please note however that we do not currently offer setup and programming support for either of these Elk systems.Elk Security...

  • UTC GE Security

    UTC GE Security

    UTC GE Security - A United Technology is an authorized dealer for UTC GE Security Systems. All UTC GE Security parts purchased from us includes a one year warranty....

More About Hardwired Alarm Systems

All All Hardwired Alarm Systems and accessories come with a full parts & labor warranty of one year.