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DSC Alarm Systems

DSC Alarm Systems

We are an authorized DSC alarm systems master dealer and stock the entire DSC product line. All systems we sell are new and factory fresh with the latest firmware versions. All systems and equipment include full user, installation and programming manuals. Toll free phone and email installation support is available if needed.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.

More About DSC Alarm Systems

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is one of the longest standing security system manufacturers in the world. It is a subsidiary of Tyco. DSC offers a wide selection of alarm systems from their classic hardwired/wireless hybrid PowerSeries line to their latest self-contained wireless Touch system and everything in between. The majority of products within this section are cross-compatible. You will find the DSC PowerSeries line, Alexor, Impassa, and DSC Touch alarm systems along with some starter kits for them. The kits will give you a good base to build your total home security system off of at a great price point. We offer a variety of keypads to meet your needs. We have DSC’s complete line of accessories and expansion modules so that you can customize your system to meet your specific criteria. We also carry DSC compatible wireless components for all your easy-to-install wireless needs.

DSC has a wide array of alarm systems available to fit . If you are looking for a hardwired system, look no further than the PowerSeries line. We carry the three PowerSeries panels: 1616, 1832, and 1864. These panels all have the same basic functionality; their main difference being the maximum number of zones available. The PowerSeries line is highly customizable, expandable, and upgradeable. With the addition of a wireless receiver or transceiver, it can even be a wireless system. The Alexor is an all wireless system. The main feature that sets it apart from the other DSC wireless systems is that it features a separate main board from the keypad. This allows you to place the main board in a central location and then add wireless keypads at entrances or other useful locations. The next all wireless system is the Impassa. This is an all-in-one alarm panel with everything from the keypad to sounder built into the main panel. The latest firmware version is compatible with and their interactive services offering (which we also offer). DSC’s newest all-in-one wireless panel is the DSC Touch. This is a leading-edge wireless system that has many high tech features. The Touch is headlined by a vibrant, 7 inch LCD touchscreen with an incredibly user-friendly menu driven interface. It has a built-in Z-Wave controller to help create a truly smart home. They also feature a built in communicator giving you the option of utilizing their awesome remote interactive services for self monitoring or signal forwarding to a central station if desired.

The keypads offered by DSC cover a wide range of features and price points. They have basic LED keypads that only show a very limited amount of information. Then DSC has two kinds of LCD keypads, fixed and alphanumeric. The LCD keypads have a digital readout. The fixed keypads only show a limited number of fixed readouts. The alphanumeric gives a much more detailed readout. This not only allows you to create custom zone labels, but will also aid in programming by giving a variable alphanumeric readout that will actually tell you the section and any programmed information. The top-of-the-line keypads are the touchscreen keypads. On top of the base keypads, DSC offers other features. Many of the keypads have the option of having a built-in wireless receiver to easily expand a PowerSeries panel to be wireless capable. They also have many keypads with a proximity tag reader for added convenience when disarming the system. Additionally, they offer completely wireless keypads for systems that have 2-way wireless capability.

DSC alarm systems, especially the PowerSeries line, are very modular and upgradeable. They make many accessories and modules to meet the demands of a wide variety of site and customer specific criteria. We carry expansion cabinets to encase extra modules that may not fit in the main cabinet. While each PowerSeries panel comes with 6 or 8 zones built on to the panel, they are capable of supporting many more than that. To reach the number of hardwired zones, DSC has 8 zone expansion modules (PC5108)that will allow you to add eight zones at a time until you reach the number of zones that you need. These do not allow your zone total to go over the total allowed by the panel. You will also find many other modules here, such as PGM expansion modules and wireless receivers, as well as communicators.

DSC has an extensive catalog of wireless sensors, keypads, and sirens. We also carry a few third-party products that are compatible with DSC wireless receivers and panels. Keep in mind that while most of these items are compatible with any DSC wireless alarm system, the keypads and sirens have a more limited compatibility based on the panel you choose. If unsure or you have questions on this, of course feel free to give us a call at 888-811-0727. You will find a wireless sensor version for almost any hardwired sensor. Whether you are looking for a door/window contact, a smoke or heat detector, a motion detector, a glassbreak detector, or even a flood detector, you will find what you need. For many of these sensors, there are different options to choose from depending what price and aesthetic preferences you have. DSC also has a selection of key fobs that you can use to arm, disarm, or set off the alarm from anywhere within range of the wireless receiver.