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DSC Power 1864 Alarm Systems

DSC Power 1864 Alarm Systems

The DSC Power 1864 alarm system is DSC's top level system in their hybrid hardwired / wireless series. Capable of up to 8 hardwired zones out of the box and expandable up to a total of 64 zones, hardwired and wireless combined. The DSC Power 1864 model offers eight possible area partitions. The Power 1864 also features four onboard programmable outputs.


More About DSC Power 1864 Alarm Systems

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The PowerSeries Power 1864 is the top of the line PowerSeries panel. The PC1864 has a little more expansion room in most aspects than the PC1616 or PC1832 panels. This makes it suitable for large homes and even some commercial applications. The PC1864 board has terminals for 8 zones out of the box. Using PC5108 boards, you can expand the number of hardwired zones 8 at a time. With 7 of the PC5108 zone expansion modules you can bring the system up to its maximum of 64 hardwired zones.

Sometimes running wire to certain locations is not a viable option. Whether that is because of the building or time or just not wanting to run the extra wire, DSC has you covered. The Power 1864 is also capable of using up to 64 wireless zones. To do this you can use an RFK5564. The RFK5564 is a programmable alphanumeric LCD keypad that has a 64 zone wireless receiver built into it. This a very budget friendly option since you are getting 2 components in one. However, you are limited on the placement of the wireless receiver to where you need to place a keypad which may not be an ideal location for a wireless receiver. Another option is to use a TR5164 wireless transceiver. This module gives the PC1864 access to two-way wireless devices such as the WT5500 or the WT4989. The WT5500 is a wireless alphanumeric LCD keypad. And the WT4989 is a two-way keyfob that will give you the status of the alarm system.

With the PowerSeries Power 1864 DSC has packed in the power to have up to 8 different partitions. This gives the PC1864 a huge amount of flexibility. Whether you need to cover multiple buildings, offices, garages, or whatever the case may be; the PC1864 can handle it. Partitioning allows you to assign zones into a group called a partition. Each partition can then be armed and disarmed independently. When a partition is armed, the zones in that partition then become active. If an alarm is triggered on any of the partitions, the entire system will go into alarm.

On the PC1864 DSC has also upgraded the number of PGM outputs that the panel comes with. Unlike the other panels in the PowerSeries that have 2 PGM outputs, the PC1864 comes with 4 on the panel. PGM 2 is still the high-current output that is limited to 300mA. PGM outputs 1, 3, and 4 are all low-current that are limited to 50mA. As with all the PowerSeries alarm panels, the PGM outputs can be expanded using 2 different expansion boards. The first module is the PC5208 8 PGM output expansion board. Each output on the module is limited to 50mA and are powered by the main panel. Keep in mind that the PC1864 is limited to 700mA across the auxiliary and keybus terminals. And that is where the PC5204 comes in. DSC has made this module a combination power supply and 4 high-current PGM output expansion board. This will give you not only extra PGM terminals, but also a source of an additional 1 amp in case you need some extra power for your alarm system. This can be especially true for a Power 1864 since it is usually used for fairly large installations that may have numerous keypads, modules, and devices that will require power. The PC5204 does need to have PTC1640 power transformer and a BD412 or BD712 12 volt backup battery.

DSC has put the Power 1864 into a kit called the Kit64-219SE. This is one of the most complete starter kits that DSC has for their PowerSeries line. It comes with all the common basic components that are needed for pretty much any PowerSeries installation. In addition to the PC1864 board, the kit comes with a metal cabinet to store it in and a cabinet lock so that you can keep anyone from getting into the cabinet. It comes with a 12 volt, 4 amp system backup battery (BD412) and a 16.5V, 40VA AC power transformer (PTC1640) to provide the PC1864 with power. An RJ31X telephone jack and cord set is included to aid you in connecting the alarm panel’s dialer to your home’s phone line. There is also a 15 watt surface mount indoor siren that has a 106dB tone. It comes with a very nice RFK5564 programmable alphanumeric keypad that also has a 64 zone wireless receiver built-in so that the Power 1864 has full wireless capabilities. And finally DSC has also put a WS4939 keychain remote in the kit. The WS4939 is a 4-button keyfob that can control the system remotely using four functions: arm stay, arm away, disarm, and panic. If you are putting together a new PowerSeries Power 1864 alarm system this kit is an amazing option.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.