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DSC Power 1616 Alarm Systems

DSC Power 1616 Alarm Systems

The DSC Power 1616 Alarm System can do up to six hardwired zones out of the box and is expandable to 16 maximum wired or wireless. The DSC Power 1616 model offers two possible area partitions and can accommodate up to 48 user entry codes.



More About DSC Power 1616 Alarm Systems

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The DSC PowerSeries PC1616 is the entry level panel of the PowerSeries line. It has 6 hardwired zones onboard out of the box. It can be upgraded to have 16 hardwired zones. To do this you would need to use a PC5108 module and 2 keypad zones. The PC5108 is an 8 hardwired expansion zone module that will connect to the PC1616 using the keybus terminals. Keypads like the PK5500 will also have a zone terminal on them so that you can connect a single hardwired zone through the keypad. Using 2 zones like this with the PC5108 and the 6 onboard zones brings the panel to the max of 16 hardwired. While the PC1616 can only utilize hardwired zones initially it can also be modified to accept wireless zones as well. To achieve the wireless capability, the PC1616 just requires a wireless receiver attached to the keybus terminals. There are a few options of equipment to accomplish this. DSC has 2 standalone modules and also various models of keypads with built-in wireless receivers. DSC’s RF5132-433 is their standard one-way, 32 zone wireless receiver. This is also the same receiver that comes built into the keypads such as the RFK5500. The RF5132 will be powerful enough for most 1616 installations. But if you want to use a WT5500 wireless keypad, you would need to add a TR5164. The TR5164 is a two-way transceiver that allows the system to use some two-way wireless devices such as a wireless keypad. With a wireless receiver attached, the PC1616 can have up to 32 wireless zones. The maximum number of zones on a 1616 can be confusing when taking into account the wireless, but there are 2 rules to remember. First, the PC1616 can have a maximum of 16 hardwired zones. Second, the PC1616 can have a total of 32 zones when adding together hardwired and wireless zones.

DSC has included 2 PGM outputs on the PC1616 panel. PGM outputs are most commonly used for 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors. In most cases, having 2 PGM outputs will be enough, especially for a generally smaller installation that the PC1616 is suitable for. But the 1616 is expandable up to 14 PGM outputs by using a PC5204 and a PC5208. The PC5204 is a power supply and 4 high-current PGM output module that will supply an additional 1 amp of power. It does require its own power transformer and backup battery. The PC5208 is an 8 low-current PGM expansion module. 

With the PowerSeries line of panels, DSC has included industry leading partitioning capabilities. Even their smallest panel, the PC1616, can have up to 2 partitions. Partitioning allows the alarm system to secure distinct areas separately. But if an alarm occurs in either partition the whole system goes off as normal. Generally, you will want to have a keypad that is conveniently located for each partition so that each partition can be armed and disarmed completely independently. But a PK5500 or similar programmable alphanumeric keypad does have the ability to quickly switch between partitions for an added level of convenience. No need to worry about using too many keypads since it can handle up to 8. This will usually allow you to place a keypad everywhere that you would need one. 

DSC offers the PC1616 in one kit package deal: the Kit16-120CP01NT. This kit is perfect for those needing a small system on a tight budget. It offers pretty much all the basics to get your new home alarm system up and running. It has the PC1616 board and cabinet, of course, as the base. It has the 12V, 4Ahr backup battery that should provide a few hours of protection should the system lose its AC power for any reason. It also comes with an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set that will aid you in connecting your telephone line to the onboard telephone dialer of the Power 1616 board. Also included is a 15 watt surface mount indoor siren. This siren can produce a steady or yelp tone that is 105 decibels. DSC has also thrown in their LC-100-PI motion detector. This is a standard passive infrared hardwired motion detector that does feature pet immunity for small pets up to 55 pounds. The last item included in the kit is the RFK5501. This keypad is a fixed LCD keypad with a built-in RF5132 wireless receiver. Having the built-in wireless receiver gives this kit a great amount of flexibility. Keep in mind that this keypad is very hard to program with. For much of the programming process you will have to be very careful as you will not be able to see what you are entering and you will have to listen to the beeps to determine if you have successfully entered the information needed or not. We always strongly recommend having a programmable alphanumeric keypad such as the PK5500 because it makes the programming process much less of a headache. They also give other benefits such as the ability to check the event log and add zone labels. DSC does not include a power transformer in this kit. Because of this we have added an option on the product page to purchase the power transformer.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.