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DSC Accessories & Expansion Modules

DSC Accessories & Expansion Modules

Use modules and accessories to expand your DSC PowerSeries alarm system. Add hardwire zones, wireless zones, telephone system access and more with these modules. DSC Alarms are known for their ease of use and installation, but they are also one of the most feature packed alarm systems on the market today. Expand the capability has you need with these popular accessories below.
DSC LE4000E-AT Universal LTE Communicator
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More About DSC Accessories & Expansion Modules

DSC offers a few accessories and expansion modules so that you can extend the functionality of your base alarm system. They offer everything from hardwired zone expander cards, wireless receivers, additional power supply boards, and much more.

If you looking to extend the zone capability of your DSC main control then you can add the PC5108 8 zone hardwired zone expander to extend the hardwired zones on your DSC panel. This will add 8 more hardwire zones and you can add as many as you need depending on your panels zone limit. Another way to add zones to a DSC Powerseries PC1616, PC1832, or PC1864 without running wire to devices would be to use either the RF5132-433 Wireless Receiver or the TR5164-433 Wireless Transceiver. You can also extend the amount of PGM outputs your board can use, depending if your model can have added PGMs, by adding the PC5208 8 output PGM Expander Module

Along with these offerings; we also feature ways for your DSC panel to send alarm signals to either yourself or a central station monitoring service. For central station monitoring signals sent through the cellular network you can add the DSC LE4000-AT Universal LTE Cellular Communicator. If you're wanting an internet only solution for sending signals to a monitoring station then we have two options for you. One is the TL150 Internet Communicator and it is one of the simplest IP communicators to set up. Another IP communicator we offer for the DSC systems is the TL260RNA Internet Communicator. If you're looking for a redundant form of communication for central station monitoring then you'll be interested in our dual-path communicators which include the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT and the ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ. These communicators feature a cellular and internet connection so the system will always be able to send alarm signals.

If you're looking for a way to do self-monitoring then the communicators will let you do that as well with Residential Interactive Services. These services can be used whether or not you have central station monitoring. And, as we mentioned above, you can use these for central station monitoring as well. Another communicator we feature here for DSC self-monitoring is the Envisalink 4 IP Communicator. This can only be used for self-monitoring and provides a simple app for control and notification.