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DSC LE2080R-AT Cellular AT&T LTE Communicator For DSC Neo Series


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DSC LE2080R-AT Cellular AT&T LTE Communicator For DSC Neo Series

The DSC LE2080R-AT is a cellular only cellular communicator that can be used to send alarm signals from your DSC NEO system to a central station monitoring service. 

This cellular communicator sends alarm signals over the AT&T 4G LTE network which will get your alarms to the central station lightning fast. The LE2080R-AT uses 128-bit AES encryption to ensure that any signals sent from your DSC NEO alarm system can't be intercepted or tampered with. The LE2080R-AT also features a supervised heartbeat which allows for monitoring the operating status of the cellular communicator.

This will connect to your DSC NEO via an included PCLink cable. It measures 5.875" W x 4.5" H and installs inside the main cabinet. The included antenna protrudes out of your alarm cabinet's knock out the hole. You can also mount this cellular communicator remotely by using a PCL-422 remote mounting module. The LE2080R-AT also has onboard LED status lights which will allow you to check signal strength and troubleshoot errors if any issues arise.

To use this communicator with our central station monitoring service you will need to purchase the following two items:

Alarm monitoring service for one year
GSM/IP Monitoring Add-on

If you want services then you will need a different communicator for your DSC NEO and those can be found HERE.


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  • What about 5g communications, I don't want to install equipment and have it go obsolete.

    Currently there are no solid options for 5G for alarm communicators, likely because most true 5G the two main carriers that make these lack range compaterd to LTE. Electronics are always going to go obsolete though over time though.