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DSC TL880LECVZ N Dual Path Communicator (Verizon LTE, Ethernet)


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DSC TL880LECVZ N Dual Path Communicator (Verizon LTE, Ethernet)

 The DSC TL880LTVZN Dual Path Communicator is a 4G LTE style cellular communicator that also has the ability to send signals through the internet if you connect it via ethernet cable to a router. This provides redundancy because if one path fails the other takes over. The TL880LTVZN connects to a DSC PowerSeries NEO panel via the PCL-422 module which, in turn, connects to the NEO through PCLink cable. The PCL-422 is included when you buy the TL880LTVZN.

The TL880LTVZN can send signals in either the SIA or Contact ID reporting formats. It also features a signal strength LED indicators so that you can get optimum placement in the install location. This unit also has troubleshooting lights so that if anything is amiss in the setup; you can read these lights to fix the situation.

The TL880LTVZN can be used with Level 1 Signal Forwarding to send signals to a central station monitoring service. You can also bump up to the Residential Interactive Service offers to get features such as your own notifications, remote control of the system via a smartphone app, and, with higher package levels, integrate Z-Wave home automation with these communicators built-in Z-Wave controller.


• Compatible with HS2016/ HS2032/ HS2064/ HS2128 control panels V1.1 and higher

• Now compatible with PowerSeries Pro HS3032, HS3128 and HS3248 control panels V1.1 and higher

• Compatible with Sur-Gard System I-IP/II/III/IV/5 monitoring station receivers (SG-System 5 required for Visual Verification)


Dimensions - 5.875" W × 4.5” H (150mm × 115mm)
Weight - 0.683 lbs (310 g) (with mounting bracket)
Current Draw - 150 mA
Operating Environment - 5° to 40° C (40° to 104° F)

ADC TL880 Quick Install Guide
ADC TL880 Troubleshooting Guide

DSC TL880LTVZ Installation manual
DSC TL880LTVZ Specifications sheet


Ask a Question
  • Is there a cost for the app to use a cell phone to access the TL880LECVZ cell communicator

    There are no cellular or other charges to use this or the app beyond the cost of the service plan. See here for the service plans: monthly service plans