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DSC TL880LECATN Dual Path Communicator (ATT LTE, Ethernet)


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DSC TL880LECATN Dual Path Communicator (ATT LTE, Ethernet)

 What you'll get:

1 - TL880LECATN Cellular Communicator
1 - Attached antenna
1 - PCL422 Daughterboard
1 - PCLink cable
Installation hardware
Installation instructions

 The TL880LECATN is a 4G LTE cellular communicator that will send alarm signals and information through the AT&T network. The communicator also has the ability to be fully redundant because of its ability to use the internet communication path as well. The TL880LECATN will connect to a DSC NEO version 1.1 or above by way of the included PCL422 daughterboard. 

The TL880LECATN can send alarm signals to a central station using either SIA or Contact ID reporting format. You can also use this communicator for Residential Interactive or Commercial Interactive services. The communicator features signal strength LEDs so you will be able to determine the best placement before getting it activated. It also has troubleshooting LEDs that will help you identify even the most minute problem.

The TL880LECATN, like all, powered communicators, features a built-in Z-Wave controller that will be used in conjunction with the Residential Interactive if you have the Residential Interactive + Automation or the Residential Interactive Gold package levels.


• Compatible with HS2016/ HS2032/ HS2064/ HS2128 control panels V1.1 and higher

• Now compatible with PowerSeries Pro HS3032, HS3128 and HS3248 control panels V1.1 and higher

• Compatible with Sur-Gard System I-IP/II/III/IV/5 monitoring station receivers (SG-System 5 required for Visual Verification)


Dimensions - 5.875" W × 4.5” H (150mm × 115mm)
Weight - 0.683 lbs (310 g) (with mounting bracket)
Current Draw - 150 mA
Operating Environment - 5° to 40° C (40° to 104° F)

ADC TL880 Quick Install Guide
ADC TL880 Troubleshooting Guide

DSC TL880LTVZ Installation manual
DSC TL880LTVZ Specifications sheet


Ask a Question
  • Do you have any DSC Neo compatible dual path communicators that work with Google Fi / T-Mobile?

    No, ATT and Verizon only currently.

  • We want self monitoring on DSC NEO with no central station monitoring . Is this possible?

    Sure you can self monitor with just an interactive package. We don't require central station service. See here: