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Do you have a Honeywell alarm system at home? Honeywell is an industry leader in surveillance technologies, so you made the right choice for your home security. An alarm system component worth noting under this brand is the Honeywell security keypad.

Why a properly functioning keypad is important

A keypad allows you to easily control your home security system's functions according to your preferences. It's useful for programming your Honeywell security panel, such as when you need to change the master code or assign new codes to family members. More importantly, they come with four programmable function keys to press during a fire, break-in, or medical emergency.

When your Honeywell security panel keeps on beeping, just a few keypad presses will silence the noise.

Honeywell keypads come in different types: touchscreen, wired, wireless, and voice-activated. Regardless of the keypad type you have at home, it's important to know what to do when it doesn’t work properly and when it needs to be replaced.

Here's a basic troubleshooting guide for every homeowner that has a Honeywell security panel.

How to troubleshoot a blank Honeywell security keypad

Does your keypad display nothing on the screen? If your security panel doesn't respond to keypad inputs, it could mean that your home security system has an electrical problem that keeps it from getting AC power.

Take these steps to fix a keypad that's completely blank and unresponsive:

  1. Locate the outlet where the power supply is plugged into. You may find it in the attic, basement, utility room or garage.
  2. Check the power supply's temperature with the back of your hand. It should be warm but not extremely hot.
  3. Check if the power supply is securely plugged into the outlet. If it's loosely plugged, secure it in its place with a screwdriver. This should restore the power to the Honeywell security system.
  4. A display will appear on the screen, but it will most likely be an error. Clear the keypad error by entering your four-digit security code and then pressing 1 (OFF key). If the screen shows a BAT error, which indicates a low system battery, this should clear when the battery recharges after 48 hours at the most.
  5. If the keypad still has no display, test the outlet by plugging another appliance or device to see if it still receives power.

After you've done all these steps and still there's no keypad display at all (and the power indicator is not lit), you may need to replace your keypad. Read on to learn more about installing a new Honeywell keypad.

How to replace a worn-out keypad with a Honeywell security keypad

Honeywell keypads wear out over time. Once it does, your security system won't respond no matter how hard you press the keys on the keypad. In that case, replace your old unit immediately with a new Honeywell security keypad.

Here are the basic installation steps:

  1. Power the Honeywell security system down.
  2. Pop off the old keypad and unscrew the backplate (Check this step-by-step guide to safely remove a Honeywell security panel).
  3. Disconnect the wires. To get the wires out, loosen the screw terminals with a screwdriver.
  4. Measure holes where the backplate of the new Honeywell keypad will be drilled.
  5. Screw the new keypad's backplate onto the wall.
  6. Wire in the connections.
  7. Mount the keypad on the wall.
  8. Power the system back up.

For a more detailed procedure (for Honeywell 6150 and 6160 keypads), check out this Honeywell keypad installation guide.

How to check for trouble on a Honeywell security keypad

When you see the word "CHECK" on your keypad's display and hear your Honeywell security panel beeping, it means a trouble condition in your system. To stop the beeping sound, just press any key. For some Honeywell models, silencing the beeping requires entering the user code followed by the OFF key.

If the screen displays "BAT" with a zone number with a beeping sound every minute, a battery on the wireless zone displayed is running low or has drained. You can do the Honeywell security panel battery replacement yourself.

When the screen displays any of these trouble codes, call for service immediately. You can find your local service representative's contact details on your Honeywell security panel user guide or manual.

  • "CHECK" display with one or more zone numbers - A problem occurs with the displayed zones that needs your attention. If your Honeywell security system has wireless sensors, it may mean an environment change that keeps the receiver from hearing a certain sensor.
  • FAILURE/FC - Failure in the security system's telephone line that sends alerts to the central monitoring station
  • SYSTEM LO BAT/BAT without a zone number - Low system battery condition that persists for more than one day
  • MODEM COMM/CC - The control is on-line with the computer in the central monitoring station. Just wait for a few minutes; this error display will disappear.
  • AC LOSS/NO AC - Power failure or lack of AC power in the system, making it run on battery power instead
  • Busy-Standby/dl - The system is disabled if this trouble code has been displayed for more than one minute
  • OPEN CIRCUIT/OC - The Honeywell security keypad is not receiving signals from the control panel.
  • Long Rng Trbl/bF - Long-range radio communication failure

Here's a video tutorial on identifying trouble codes on Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210:

How to reset a Honeywell security panel

Once you have resolved the issue with your Honeywell keypad, you'll need to reset the security panel to clear the trouble condition message.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Disarm the system twice. Key in your four-digit security code. Press 1 (or the OFF key). Do this step again. The green READY light will then turn on.
  2. Arm your system. Key in your security code and press 2 (or the AWAY key). The keypad will beep twice and display the Armed message.

Keep your Honeywell security keypad working fine all the time. These troubleshooting tips will come in handy when you need to fix or replace your keypad.



my Honeywell alarm system screen says “not ready” and I cannot set the alarm…the alarm is lighted so it shouldn’t be the battery…how can I fix this

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