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Honeywell 6160 & 6150 Keypad Differences

Exploring the differences between the Honeywell 6150 & 6160 Keypads

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Hey everybody. Jon Boroughs here,, here to talk to you about some Honeywell keypads today. We're gonna be discussing the differences between the 6160 and the 6150 keypads. The 6160 is an alphanumeric keypad. The 6150 is a fixed English keypad. So we're gonna go ahead and take you over to the table, and show you the differences between these two, and hopefully you'll learn a little bit on the way. All right. Follow me over.

All right. So here we are at the table with our two different versions of the 6100 series. The older version is the 6160, right here, which is an alphanumeric display, and the 6150, right here, which is a fixed English keypad. There are differences between these two. We get a lot of questions about, you know, what are the major differences basically. The 6160 alphanumeric, as you can see here on the screen...because it's an alphanumeric, it shows you alpha characters, and it will show you numbers as well. A lot easier to program with this one too because you can see everything in your programming sessions. This one, the 6150, as you can see, is pretty much blank right now. It's not displaying the alpha characters like it did on the 6160. It does say A/C up here in the corner. Now the 6150 will have some fixed words for like arming state and some trouble conditions, but you're not gonna get a full alpha display like you will on the 6160. The 6160, the size difference, as you can see here plainly, 6160 is 5 and 5/16s high by 7 and 3/8s wide by 1 and 3/16s deep. And then your 6150, it will be 4 and 7/8s inch high by 6 and a quarter wide, by 1-inch deep. So the 6150 is also a little smaller than the 6160.

Now with the 6160 and the 6150, they do make all three versions. You can get the regular keypad, the one with the built-in wireless receiver or the voice announcing keypad in the 6160 or the 6150. The 6160s are a little bit more popular. I wouldn't mind having a 6150 as a secondary, as long as I have a 6160 to program with. I'll show you why here in a second. Now, as you can see here, it says, "Disarmed, ready to arm," on our 6160. I have a contact back here that we learned into this system, so we could show you the differences in the display. Let me get it better, so you can better see it here. I'm gonna trip this zone. And, as you can see, it reads out, "Fault 09, front door." That's on your 6160. Now, on your 6150, as you can see here, it says, "Not ready 09." So you're not gonna get the rich alphanumeric display on the 6150.

Let's go ahead and put this back here and that will clear the fault out. Disarm, ready to arm, on the 6160, and then it goes back to a blank screen on the 6150. Now I'm gonna take you into programming here, so you can see what it looks like on each keypad. You push your installer code and 800 to get in. And as you can see on the 6160, it says "Installer code 20." On the 6150, you're just going to get 20 and that's it. Let's go ahead and go to the zone...section...let's go to the section for zone programming. On the 6160, you will see, "Set to confirm, 0 for no, 1 for yes." On the 6150, nothing. So that's why we always recommend for people to get at least one 6160 with their hard-wired alarm system, because it makes programming a lot easier. You're gonna be able to see your programming sections, all the stuff in your programming sections.

Let's go ahead and go deeper into this section and show you what I'm talking about here. No, and then it will say, "Enter zone number, or 00 equals quit," and then it has a flashing cursor and "01" on the 6160. On the 6150, it just shows "01". Not quite sure what that means if you've never done this before, so you'll be pretty much programming blind. Either keypad will work on a VISTA SERIES system. You can use them in conjunction with each other. You can get a 6160 for your main keypad, and then 6150 for your secondaries, or you can use 6160 throughout your entire system. You can have a 6160 as every keypad. It kind of depends on how you wanna set it up, what your price points are. You can also use these keypads in conjunction with the Tuxedo keypads or the 6280 touch screens. Mix and match your keypads, folks, but whatever you do, make sure you have at least one 6160, so you can program your system. It makes it a lot easier, trust me.

That's pretty much it, you know. Both keypads have the same keys. They have the same function keys. It's just all in the display. If you have any other questions about these, just make sure you give us a call. But it's been great being here with you, guys. Thanks a lot. We're gonna head back over, so I can say some closing words. All right. We're back. And, as you can see, there are a few differences between the two keypads. We usually recommend the 6160 alphanumeric keypad for programming your Honeywell VISTA SERIES system. So definitely take that into consideration, at least have one of those when you're gonna program. If you have any more questions about these keypads or what they can do, give us a call, 888-811-0727, and choose a technical support menu option, option number two on the phone menu. Those guys will be glad to help you. My name is Jon Boroughs. Thanks for being with me today, guys. We'll talk to you soon.