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Getting the right security system for your home can be very challenging given the many different models out there, all of which promise a feature-packed system. Then there are considerations as to the needs of the household, maintenance, budget, lifestyle, etc.

Your choice of a home security system is a personal one. What do you need and what do you want it to do for you? This is why Honeywell is a great choice. It is one of the oldest and most credible names in the security industry. Over the years, the company revolutionized its line of Honeywell alarm systems to cater to both homes and businesses, as well as integrate the many advances in technology.

All Honeywell systems come in kits, and each kit will have everything you’ll need. It also has a complete collection of wireless equipment, and a wide selection of expansion modules so that you can customize your system.

Here’s a list of some of Honeywell security alarms to convince you that this brand is your perfect partner in keeping your home secure and your family safe.


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This is Honeywell’s basic, no frills wireless alarm system, but smaller in size than the previous generation. This line features all-in-one wireless panels that are perfect for residential units. Apart from the Lynx Plus being an economical choice, it is also very easy to install.

The Lynx Plus L3000 is a self-contained alarm system with all basic components packed into the main panel. It has a wireless receiver, which can handle up to 40 wireless zones and is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 line of wireless devices. For its size, which is 8.8 x 6.8 inches, its built-in siren is loud enough. You can pre-program words into the L3000 to identify your zones, and the system will announce them via its voice annunciation feature.

The Lynx Plus comes packaged into five kits. The most basic, Kit 1, is the base for all other kits. The succeeding kits come with added components such as wireless door and window sensors, telephone jack, and a cellular communicator.


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The Lynx Touch L5210 is an improved version of the Honeywell’s original Lynx Touch panel. This all-in-one wireless panel has a 4.3-inch resistive touchscreen and features an interface that is very intuitive and easy to navigate, making it one of the easiest security systems to program. For added usability, Honeywell added a home key and an emergency key. In case of an alarm, the emergency key will pull up all the panic buttons. This Honeywell alarm features a panel with different arming options, as well as a family message center where messages can be recorded and listened to later.


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The Lynx Touch L7000 is the flagship of the Lynx line and a certified powerhouse. It has a seven-inch touchscreen with large icons and an intuitive graphical user interface. And the easy-to-use menu-based interface extends up to the programming. It has the capacity of up to 80 wireless zones, and can hold numerous user codes so everyone can have a unique user code.

With the addition of the Z-Wave control card the L7000 can utilize Z-Wave home automation technology, including thermostats, door locks, lights, and water valves. Thus, if you want a smart home that is also secured, the Touch L7000 will surely deliver.

You can choose from four L7000 kits. Kit 1 comes with the basic components such as a L7000 panel, power transformer, backup battery, user guide, installation instructions, and alarm warning decals. Kit 2 has an added a security sensor with pet immunity; Kit 3 has a keychain remote with four buttons you can use to control the system; and Kit 4 adds a third 5816 door and window contact.


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This is a mid-range hybrid security system, which means it is both hardwired and wireless capable. The Vista 15P is a hardwired system with six on-board hardwired zones, and may be expanded to up to 22 zones. You can add a wireless receiver which will allow the use of the 5800 series wireless devices. You’ll love this Honeywell security device because of its end-user features such as single button arming and Z-Wave home automation.

Its six hardwired zones are just enough for a small or medium-sized home. The first zone is designed for a two-wire smoke detector, and you can have up to 16 of these detectors wired in parallel. The other zones can be customized and include end-of-line resistors. The Vista 15 P is very flexible and it will protect you against more than just intrusions, because it also has heat sensors, water sensors, and temperature sensors.

It has a panel with built-in landline telephone dialer to allow your system to communicate directly with a central station. You can also program it to call any number with the pager function.


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This is basically an improved Vista 15P because it is capable of handling more zones, more user codes, larger event memory, and packed with more features.

The Vista 20P is very flexible and modular to fit a wide range of needs. It has eight hardwired zones in the panel, but may be expanded to up to 48 zones in a hardwired or wireless manner. It has two partitions that allow you to create two unique areas wherein one is armed and another is disarmed. It has all sorts of devices and accessories such as sensors, communication, keypads, and expansion modules, making it one of the most versatile home security system in the market.

The touchscreen keypad makes the Vista 20P more intuitive and more sleek-looking. A built-in Z-Wave controller that can communicate with Z-Wave Devices is also a great addition. This alarm system is compatible with numerous devices and services, which makes it possible for you to control it remotely.


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The upgrades of the Vista 20P plus an onboard Internet protocol (IP) communicator is equal to the Vista 21iP. This system allows for a dual-path communication with either the standard phone line dialer or the built-in IP communicator. This is the perfect choice if you want to use Honeywell’s Total Connect service, which adds a lot of features to your alarm system.

Honeywell is a trusted brand in security, and if you want to be sure that you get your money’s worth, it is certainly a great choice. You can choose from its basic alarm systems to the upgraded ones, and you’ll have a foundation of a safer home.

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