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Ademco Honeywell Vista 21ip Kits

Ademco Honeywell Vista 21ip Kits

The Ademco Honeywell Vista 21ip is a step up from the 20P model and has a built-in IP communicator.

More About Ademco Honeywell Vista 21ip Kits

Honeywell’s Vista 21iP takes the Vista 20P and upgrades it with an onboard internet protocol (IP) communicator. The Vista 21iP has the same number of zones with 8 hardwired zones built onto the panel and expandable up to a total of 48 zones. It can also have up to 2 partitions. In addition to having a built-in IP communicator, the Vista 21iP has a different set of communication and interface products that are compatible with it. It is ready to go for Honeywell Total Connect service right out of the box. If you are looking to use a Honeywell IP communicator, the Vista 21iP is both a great value and a simplified option.

Another benefit of using the Vista 21iP over the Vista 20P is that dual path communication for central station monitoring is incredibly easy. It can use both the standard phone line dialer and the built-in IP communicator to communicate. On top of that by adding a VISTA-GSM4G, the panel would then have a third path for communication using a cellular network.

The Vista 21iP features expansion capability of up to 48 zones. The first 8 zones are reserved for hardwired zones and are built into the panel. Zones 9 through 48 can be used for either hardwired or wireless zones. To utilize those additional zones, you must add modules to the system that allow you to expand into them. If you want to add wireless zone, a 6160RF or a 5881ENH is recommended with the Vista 21iP. The 6160RF offers great value by combining the wireless receiver with the 6160 keypad. Because keypad placement is generally not ideal for wireless receiver placement, it is an excellent choice for installations where the wireless devices may not be too far away such as a small home or if the wireless devices are located in the same nearby area. If you do not need another keypad or you need to place your wireless receiver in a location where a keypad would not be useful to get full coverage of your wireless devices, the 5881ENH would probably be a better choice. In either case if you need to boost your signal, a 5800RP wireless repeater could potentially nearly double your wireless range. Both options would allow you to add up to 40 wireless zones onto the system. They also allow you to add other devices like the 5800WAVE wireless siren or the RE204 wireless driveway sensor.

Keep in mind that if you plan on using universal or third party devices such as the EnvisaLink 4, communicators from IPDatatel, or the System Enhancement Module (SEM) from you should get the Vista 20P instead of the Vista 21iP. While these are all great options to use with Vista panels, the main benefit of the Vista 21iP over the standard Vista 20P would be lost since you would not be utilizing the built-in internet communicator.

The Vista 21iP is an ideal choice if what you are wanting the capabilities of the Vista 20P and want to use a Honeywell IP communicator. This is especially true if you want to use Honeywell’s Total Connect service. Total Connect adds numerous features to your alarm system and home. They have features that allow you to control the alarm system from anywhere. And also you would be able to check on the status of your alarm and receive any important notifications from it. Total Connect also has home automation and video add-ons that turn your home into a truly smart home. The home automation add-on with the Vista 21iP would require you to have either a Vista Automation Module (VAM) or Tuxedo keypad. These both include the Z-Wave controller that provides support for home automation devices. Total Connect video also requires Honeywell WAP-PLUS Wireless Access Portal with at least one Total Connect IP camera.