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Growing a business is not for the fainthearted. You invest not just time and resources, but also talent and emotions. Setbacks, and there’s going to be a lot, can be really painful. So imagine if one day, a burglar comes barging into your office or establishment, taking away the things that you worked so hard for.

For people with businesses, whether they have been at it for years or just starting out, it is paramount that you put security on top of your priorities, and even in your budget. If you don’t, you risk everything to be taken away in just a snap. This means you need to find a better defense than just locking doors, and find an office security system that will keep an eye on your valuables, and the business you built from the ground up.

One of the most trusted names in security is Honeywell, and it has a lot of security systems and devices that you can choose from, whether for the home or the office. Installing a Honeywell alarm system will ensure that your office is protected using the most advanced technology. It has made a name with its all-in-one wireless line of security systems that have all the basic components of an alarm system, saving you time and money.

Let’s run down the alarm system devices for your start-up business or small office.

Control panel

If you want a full, high-tech security system, you are going to need a control panel, which acts like a brain. It makes sure that all the other components in the system work and function the way they are intended to. Not all security devices require as control panel, but if you need them connected, then you’ll need one. Honeywell’s alarm system kits Lynx and Vista have a control panel that give you maximum protection and flexibility. They also have keypads or touchpads to let you access the control panel.


There different types of sensors or switches, and it is important that you are able to identify the sensors you actually need. The basic sensor is designed to alert the system if a door or a window has been opened, or a glass is shattered. Some sensors also alert monitors to start recording in case of an untoward incident. Sensors are very crucial because they are actually the ones that tell you if something is breached, so make sure you have one of these.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors are a great addition for an alarm system for a small office. They are like sensors, but the difference is that they detect motion and body heat. You can just plug them in or set them up the system to turn on certain things in your office once motion is detected, such as lights or fans. However, since detectors can be triggered by body heat, you would need to rethink this if you have pets around.

Security cameras

If you run an office, shop or establishment, you’d want to be able to have a peek when you’re away, and see what’s going on. It sort of gives you some sense of control wherever you are. If this is the case, you’ll want security cameras installed in your property. Cameras are typically wired, but standalone and web-enabled cameras are also starting to become very popular because of easy installation. You just plug them where you want them. The beauty of these security cameras is that they can be connected to your mobile device via an app, so you can see the goings-on in your office anytime, anywhere.

Smart locks

smart lock using smart phone
Photo courtesy of Scott Lewis via Flickr

Smart products are very popular these days, especially with the emergence of smart homes. If you have an office, one of the smart products you need to invest in are smart locks. These can be integrated into your system, while some models can stand alone with just a smartphone. Smart locks bring with them a more sophisticated layer of protection, because unlike traditional locks, you’ll need to operate it using an authorized device. It can grant or deny access via a mobile app.


The cost of running an office is not cheap. Operational costs, which include energy charges, are often among the top expenses of a business. One of the ways to choose an office security system is to factor in automation in order to increase an office’s convenience, security, and energy-efficiency.

Modern security systems are equipped with Z-Wave technology, which gives your property some smart home features. This technology helps you manage your home or office. Through this, your office’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) can be programmed and remotely-controlled. Automation also programs when your lights will be turned on and off, ensures that doors are locked, and lets you arm or disarm your security system remotely.

Protect your life’s investment by making sure that your business is safe and secure. Never compromise security, because in one snap, everything can be taken away from you. Be safe, and take control.

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