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The impact of a home burglary goes beyond losing material property; it can be a truly traumatic experience that may lead to injury or even death of an occupant. A home security system, coupled with diligence, is your major defense against burglary, fire, and other unforeseen occurrences. A study published by the University of North Carolina in Charlotte reported that about 60% of convicted burglars said that the presence of an alarm would motivate them to look for another target.

The presence of alarm systems not only provides you peace of mind but offers financial benefits. Know the financial perks of a safe and secure home.

A home security system slashes insurance cost

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Do you know that by installing an alarm system you can save a lot on insurance costs? A secured home lowers the risk of an insurance payout. Many insurers offer savings on premiums for homes with a security system, according to the Electronic Security Association (ESA). "A survey of the 10 largest insurance companies offering homeowners coverage found premium discounts up to 20 percent if a home is equipped with a monitored alarm system,” ESA President Dom D’Ascoli said. "The discounts can be substantial enough to pay a portion of the monitoring costs or installation of the system,” he added.

The more comprehensive your security system, the higher your chances of getting a good insurance deal. Consider a wireless alarm system that can be upgraded easily. You can expand protected zones, add alarms and motion sensors, and integrate all the devices into a central control by yourself. With a wireless system, you don't have to bore new holes or install additional cables. 

Alarms and cameras can increase home value

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Do security cameras increase home value? Yes. If you're listing your property for sale, you should know that cameras and alarms can be your competitive advantage. Home buyers, especially families, prefer a property with an installed security system. The presence of deadbolts, indoor and outdoor cameras, alarms and smoke detectors can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. You can save your potential buyer the expenses and work of installing a security system.

Explore new models of security cameras. Check out Onvif's LTCMIP1122-28 which features a high-resolution and HD real-time video capture. It provides clear images whether indoor or outdoor, and excellent night vision. This top-rated camera has various alarm triggers including motion detection and alarm tampering. Invest in a high-quality camera to boost your home value.

A monitoring service can save you from financial losses

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A home burglary happens in the US every 15 seconds. According to official data, a typical homeowner suffers a loss of $2,000 in stolen goods or damaged property in one burglary. A home security system is your major line of defense against these material losses. It's time to install real alarms and cameras in your home instead of faking security signs. You don't know when a criminal calls your bluff.

As technology advances, so do the expertise of home invaders. They can hack their way inside your home without forcing into doors and windows. It's imperative that your security system can deter attacks from any type of burglar. Insure yourself from losses and damage by signing up to an alarm monitoring service. How does it work? Your security devices are integrated and linked to a monitoring center. Once a threat is detected, the security system sends a notification to the monitoring center. If the threat is confirmed, the center alerts the proper authorities for immediate response. With this additional layer of protection, you can be rest assured that you're home is guarded 24/7.

A fire alarm system can protect your life's work

Burglars may take some of your personal property, but there's a threat that can take everything you've worked for: a fire. Latest data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests that the average loss per structure due to fire is $16,610. In some cases, families lose their entire homes from destructive fires, wiping out years of hard work. 

Protect your finances by installing a fire alarm system at home. You can choose from a large selection of fire alarms by Honeywell, the leader in home security systems. The System Sensor P2WL is a siren with a built-in strobe light. You can hook it up with a hardwired or wireless panel. You can easily mount this alarm on the wall and adjust the tones and strobe light settings. For a control panel, check out the Fire-Lite MS4, which works with 2 or 4 wire devices. You can link four-wire smoke detectors, pull station tampers, and other devices.

Tips to keep your home safe and secure

Aside from your installing home security system, you can keep your home safe by exercising due diligence. First, moderate your social media usage. Avoid posting content on new purchases, details about your home, and vacation plans. According to a survey of 57 convicted burglars, 10% admitted that they logged on to social media sites to find targets and good times to attack. Review your privacy settings and keep personal info within your private network. Think twice (or thrice) before posting anything on the Net. Share photos and videos of your vacation when you get back.

Your front door is a main entry way to your home. About 70% of burglars enter homes via the front door. It's important to install a trustworthy door lock. If you're moving into a new home, remember to change all locks. Consumer Reports shares a helpful guide on how to buy the right door lock. Finally, have an emergency plan for the entire family. Teach your kids how to arm and disarm the security system, where to go during an emergency, and other survival tips.

There's nothing more valuable than peace of mind. If you think that an alarm system is an expense you can do away with, you're mistaken. Losses and damage from burglary, fire, and other unforeseen occurrences are real. Your family and valuables should be protected at all times.

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