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Honeywell alarm system owners enjoy peace of mind and protection for their home or office with Honeywell’s 24/7 central station monitoring and immediate assistance during emergencies like fire, carbon monoxide leaks, and burglary.

However, beeping sounds from your home security system can be annoying and bothersome. Several reasons explain why beeping occurs in some units. But before you do anything else, make sure that the beeping isn’t caused by an actual risk. When a legitimate threat is present, you’ll hear an interrupted sound (during a fire or carbon monoxide leak) or a continuous sound (during burglary) from the speaker, external bell, or both. Check thoroughly the security panel and warning devices such as smoke detectors and heat sensors.

 Looking for the reason why your alarm system is beeping? Below are the eight causes you must watch out for.

Activated Chime mode

How Alarm Beep Activated Chime Mode
Photo courtesy of BrokenSphere via Wikimedia Commons

An activated Chime mode while the system is disarmed can be one of the causes of your Honeywell alarm beeping. Chime mode produces a three-tone sound every time a window or door is opened. If you don’t like the beeping sound, you can turn the Chime mode off.

How to turn the Chime mode off on your Honeywell alarm system:

  1. Key in your four-digit security code.
  2. Press 9 (CHIME).
  3. The Chime message will be removed from the screen.

A problem with one or more zones

Any Honeywell alarm system assigns different “zones” (such as the front door and kitchen window) that are protected by your home security system’s sensing devices. When a problem exists in one or more of these zones, you’ll hear a rapid beeping at the keypad, which means the problem needs your immediate attention. On the screen, you’ll see the word CHECK (on Vista 15P, Vista 20P, and Vista 21ip systems) or FAULT (on Lynx Plus and Lynx Touch systems) and one or more zone numbers.

  How to stop beeping due to a problem with one or more zones:

  1. Press any key on the keypad to silence the trouble beep.
  2. Make sure that the displayed zone is intact.
  3. After the problem has been corrected, clear the CHECK or FAULT display by entering the OFF sequence (security code + OFF key) twice.

Low battery in a wireless sensor

How Alarm Beep Low Battery 

Photo courtesy of Alarm System Store


Batteries in the wireless sensors of your Honeywell alarm system such as the keypad, smoke detectors, and the personal emergency transmitter typically last for 1 to 4 or more years. Actual battery life may be reduced by humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and other factors in the environment where the sensor is used. If a battery is already beyond its normal life span, it has to be replaced by a professional technician.

When there’s a low battery in a wireless sensor, you’ll hear a short beep every 30 seconds (on Vista 15P, Vista 20P, and Vista 21ip systems) or 45 seconds (on Lynx Plus and Lynx Touch systems). Also, the display will show BAT (on Vista models) or Lowbat (on Lynx Plus) with the zone number of the sensor. On Lynx Touch systems, you’ll hear a low battery and zone descriptor announcement.

How to stop beeping due to low battery in a wireless sensor:

  1. Press the OFF key to silence low-battery warning beep at the keypad.

Note: The low battery message will still be displayed to remind you about the weak battery and that it is up for replacement within 30 days.

  1. Replace the battery. The low battery display will clear only when you have installed a new battery.
  2. Activate the sensor by opening or closing your door or window.
  3. If the sensor isn’t activated, wait for about 1 hour for the display to automatically clear.

Low system battery

 A backup battery provides power to your alarm system during AC power failure. Over time, the system battery will drain and would need replacement. Call an authorized Honeywell alarm repair center to have your system battery replaced. 

On Vista 15P, Vista 20P, and Vista 21ip systems, low system battery causes rapid beeping with a display of SYSTEM LO BAT or BAT without a zone number.

 On Lynx Plus and Lynx Touch systems, this trouble condition is indicated by a short beep every 45 secs and a display showing Lowbat without a zone number or a system low battery announcement.

AC power failure

Your Honeywell alarm system will let you know if its AC power supply has been cut off. Aside from the beeping sound, your system will also display AC LOSS or NO AC. When that happens, the security system is running on backup battery power.

 How to stop beeping due to AC power failure:

  1. Check your circuit breakers and make sure they’re set to ON in the fuse board.
  2. Check the fuses and replace them as needed.
  3. Check the alarm power supply to ensure that it’s switched on and fitted snugly.
  4. If the AC power can’t be restored and the AC LOSS message is still on, call an authorized service provider to fix the problem.

Wiring problems

Your alarm system’s wiring may also be at fault for the beeping sound, which occurs when a wire is cut, broken or corroded. This is the case when you see a CHECK 70 or BELL FAILURE display (on Vista 15P, Vista 20P, and Vista 21ip systems) or FAULT (on Lynx Plus systems) display. This trouble condition indicates a faulty wiring connection to the external sounder.

How to stop beeping due to a wiring problem:

  1. Check the condition of your alarm system’s wiring.
  2. Use a voltmeter to test the wiring and see if it has a problem. You can purchase a cheap one at your local hardware store.

Note: If you have no experience working with electricity, just hire an electrician to do this step for you.

  1. Once you’ve confirmed that the wiring is faulty, contact a professional technician to fix the issue.

Telephone line problem

How Alarm Beep Telephone Line Problem 
Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

If your home or office telephone line isn’t working, your alarm display will show TELCO FAULT or CHECK 94.

 How to stop beeping due to telephone line problems:

  1. Take off the plug from the phone wall jack to disconnect the control from the phone line.

Note: To prevent loss of phone line, never disconnect the phone connection inside the control.

  1. Check the phone line. If it isn’t working even after disconnecting the control, the problem is with the telephone line. Contact your phone service provider to have it repaired.
  2. If the phone works correctly after disconnecting the control from the phone wall jack, the control is defective and needs to be fixed by an authorized Honeywell alarm repair center.

Communication failure

This trouble condition, displayed as COMM. FAILURE or FC, means that your alarm system’s control fails to send a signal to the central station.

How to stop beeping due to communication failure:

  1. Check if your phone line is working.
  2. Have your system put on test by your alarm system provider.
  3. Arm your system.
  4. Open a device to let the system go into alarm and produce a sound. This will transmit a signal to the central station and clear the COMM. FAILURE message.
  5. Call a professional technician to evaluate and repair the problem if the previous step doesn’t work.

 Beeping sounds are a warning sign that something needs fixing in your Honeywell alarm system. You can fix simple issues, but if the problem is too complicated for you, contact us for technical support.



We just purchased a home with a Honeywell alarm system and I do not know any codes or anything for the system. They told me when we purchased it that the system had been cancelled as they had switched service to their new home. About a month after purchasing the home the system started to randomly beep uncontrollably. It said communication failure on the screen. I have no code and can not figure out how to get it to stop.


Christy…I have the same problem due to not subscribing. Did you ever find out how to prevent the beeping?

Duane Sinnaeve

I have a 6150 keypad my problem ie i can’t keep the ready light on.
It stays on for about two hours then my keypad shoot down.I need help.

James whiting

Our Honeywell control panel beeps occasionally and randomly. There is no code displayed in window. Solutions?


Our system is deactivated. It was already installed when we bought the house, and we decided not to subscribe. About once every 3-4 weeks, it starts beeping. ALWAYS on a weekend, and ALWAYS early in the morning. It beeps once every 20 seconds or so. It usually says something like, “05 check family room wind” or “09 fault family room,” or “check front motion detector.” Sometimes it will cycle through all of them at once. There is never anything going on in those areas of the house. At first I thought it might be wind or something, but it literally never happens except very early in the morning on a weekend. It will continue to beep until I get up and press the off button. It’s driving me crazy. How can I stop it or disconnect it?


Did everything and changed the batteries..pad beeped alot and said zone and fire. Hit 1 to stop it butnthen redoes it. Isnthere a reset buttin i was suppose to oush or something after inchanged the battery? Its a twist off fire alarm but on the monitor.

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