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Today we’ll be speaking on the Qolsys IQ2 Panel Plus wireless touchscreen alarm systems from Quality of Life Systems (Qolsys). The IQ2 Panel 2+ is a self-contained wireless alarm system that is feature packed and comes loaded right out of the box. At first glance it looks quite expensive but when you consider all the module and radios that are built in by default it’s actually very reasonable. Most other mfgs. systems come bare bones and these radios and modules are add ons. And while this system is self contained, if connected to service it does feature the crash and smash protection thereby eliminating concerns that often accompany an all in one system such as this.

qolsys iq2 plus

Qolsys has released three different versions of the IQ2 Panel Plus and each one has standard features that are the same throughout these different models with the only difference being the secondary wireless receiver included that can use legacy wireless sensors from DSC PowerSeries, Interlogix / GE and Honeywell. More on this later…

Note: There is a still available the previous generation IQ Panel 2 (without the “Plus”) but it does not feature PowerG wireless or the secondary wireless receiver for legacy wireless sensors. We do not sell this older model however.

qolsys iq 2 plus panel

These panels are loaded out of the box and feature built-in cellular communicators so you can use the Residential Interactive Services, utilize central station alarm monitoring service, or both. This panel has a high-definition 7" screen that features a 1280 x 800 resolution and operates through swiping of the screen and gestures making it smooth to use and comparable to operating a modern day tablet computer. The icon driven menus make this a breeze to use use.

qolsys iq plus


The technology that powers the IQ2 Plus is the Android operating system and gets its power from the Qualcomm SnapDragon chipset. The IQ2 Plus panels also have Wi-Fi that is used to connect the IQ Remote add-on keypads. The panel also contains Bluetooth that allows you to
connect your phone and use speakers via a Bluetooth connection. Each model also features a built-in Z Wave controller that you can use to set up a Z Wave network for home automation. You can utilize this by choosing the Residential Interactive levels referred to as Interactive plus automation and gold. The system also has a 5 MP fixed-focus camera that can be used to capture system events such as arming or disarms. These events can of course be sent to your phone or email if you have the appropriate service package. The system also features a stereo microphone and speakers. The piezo siren that is included in the IQ2 Plus has an 85 decibel rating.

qolsys iq 2 decibel rating


Each model of the IQ2 Plus panels can accommodate up to 128 security zones which means you will be able to add up to 128 wireless door/window transmitters, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, etc. Since the IQ2 Plus panels have the built-in Z Wave controllers you’ll be able to utilize up to 119 Z Wave devices allowing you to use things like Z Wave thermostats you can remotely control manually or set scenes for to activate under certain circumstances. You’ll be able to use up to 80 lights, up to 6 locks, up to 6 thermostats, up to 6 garage doors, up to 21 miscellaneous Z Wave devices. You can also have a whopping 242 user codes for arming and disarming the system. This makes the IQ2 Plus panel not only good for the home, but good for business as well. You can also use simple, normally closed hardwired switches because of the IQ2 Plus panel’s two hardwired zones. These will allow a door switch for example if a door is located near the main control panel. And, lastly, you will be able to use a low current addistional siren if desired because of the panel’s one open collector output.

One of the smartest features that the IQ2 Panel Plus systems integrate into their standard features would be the inclusion of PowerG wireless receivers. Each model of IQ2 Panel Plus panels have a PowerG wireless transceiver. The PowerG wireless technology is the latest in wireless security devices. PowerG wireless devices have an exceptional range for placement out from the transceiver reaching up to an impressive quarter of a mile. The PowerG wireless devices are also encrypted insuring that no one can manipulate the way the sensors function by initiating replay attacks. The sensors and transmitters used also have frequency hopping features as well. Frequency hopping not only helps with data integrity, but it helps the transmitters to use the least path of resistance. This least path approach also helps save battery life and the PowerG wireless devices have up to a six to eight year lifespan before you have to replace them.

iq panel 2


We mentioned the ability for the IQ2 Panel Plus to have additional keypads by adding the IQ Remotes. The IQ remotes are actually modified Android tablets that run the Qolsys software and it connects to your IQ2 Panel Plus and gives you the same touchscreen interface experience that you’ll get on the main control panel. These keypads can be carried around the house, mounted on the wall, or used in a desk stand capacity. If the Android tablet style keypad is not your particular flavor then you can use the PowerG WS9LCDWF wireless keypad. This keypad is a two line, alpha-numeric LCD keypad with numbered keys.

As mentioned at the open of this article, the different models of IQ2 Panel Plus systems is simply the secondary wireless receiver in each. All have the PowerG, but they each feature different secondary wireless receivers. These secondary wireless receivers allow those switching to the Qolsys panels to use legacy wireless devices from an existing DSC, Interlogix / GE, 2GIG or Honeywell security system.

The IQ2 Panel Plus models QS9201-1208 and QS9202-1208 secondary receiver uses the Interlogix wireless devices and the S-Line sensors by Qolsys. The next models of IQ2 Panel Plus series are the QS9201-4208 and QS9202-4208 and the secondary receivers in these can use the DSC 433 MHz wireless devices. The last model of IQ2 Panel Plus panels are the QS9201-5208 and QS9202-5208 and they contain a secondary receiver that can let you use the 2GIG and Honeywell 5800 series of wireless sensors.

Now, you may be asking yourself “why does each model have two different model numbers?” Well, each different model has two versions. One model number will have an cellular communicator that sends signals over the Verizon network and another model number will contain an communicator that sends signals over the AT&T network. These options are offered because in some areas one provider will have better service coverage over another.

The Qolsys IQ2 Panel Plus can be used as a local system without any service fees or you can connect it to our optional central station monitoring service to have Police, Firefighters, or Emergency Medical Services dispatched to your residence in case of emergency. To get the most from the system’s features, we highly recommend Residential Interactive Services. Or you could combine both monitoring and service to give you the ultimate in security and control. The Interactive Services allow users to have an app that gives them remote control of the system as well as seeing system status and it offers delivery of email and text notifications of system and alarm events.

The Qolsys IQ2+ systems are compact, aesthetically pleasing, and super easy to install and use. These systems are a no-brainer for anyone who wants top-notch, reliable security with the ease of use any home or business owner will appreciate. If you are considering a wireless alarm system vs a hardwired one, the IQ2 Plus should definitely be considered!

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