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5 things You Get with the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 - Unboxing Review

 Unboxing Review of the wireless Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 alarm system


Hey you, John Boroughs, Alarm Systems Store and I'm back in the house today to do a little product unboxing review of the Honeywell Security Lynx Touch L7000 wireless security system. And, we do videos like this quite often. We do product review videos and technical support videos. So, if you find value in that, go ahead and subscribe to our channel. Hit that bell notification so you can know when we're putting these out. Like this video and leave comments in the sections below in the comments, and we'll be glad to help you out in any way we can.

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up the box, show you what you get in the box, what comes with it, and go over some of the kits that we offer. Now, what I want you to do is I want you to stick around to the end of the video because I'm gonna tell you how to get some free stuff. So, be sure to stick around for that. But, right now, we're gonna go over to the table and check this out, so follow me over.

All right, everybody, here we are with the Honeywell Security Lynx Touch L7000. Now, this is Honeywell's bigger wireless alarm system, and it gives you a nice color display touchscreen where you can go through and do, you know, daily system operations with ease. It's icon menu driven. So, just touch an icon and it'll bring up options for you and then you're off to the races. So, I'm gonna open up this product box here and show you what you get in it.

All right, so when you open up the box, first thing you're gonna see here is a little package you're gonna get. This is the Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200, L7000 Series Security system programming guide. So, you're gonna get your steps for programming in there, and in the back, there's a little quick start sheet. Kinda gives you some of the basic need-to-knows. We've also got a quick start programming of our own that we've written, and I'll put a link in the description so you can see it.

We wrote those to make it really easy for you to get this up and running. It's gonna cut down the user manual even more into just the absolute basics. So, look for the link in the description below and you'll find that.

A little important information sheet here about the cellular communication modules that you can use with this so read over that. Get some information. And the next thing you're gonna see in the box is, of course, the panel itself, so I'm gonna go ahead and take this out of the protective packaging. You see the back of it here. I'm gonna show you a little bit of the insides here in a second, but this is the back of the unit. And then here is the front, and as you can see it has a nicely sized screen on it here.

Compare to the L5210, this has a bigger touchscreen. This is a seven-inch touchscreen, and that's one of the differences between this and the L5210. The other difference between this and the L5210 is that you will not get landline connection. So, there are no terminals on the inside of this for connecting your landline. So, you're gonna have to use either the L5100 Wi-Fi IP communicator or the 3GL cellular communicator if you wanna send signal or whatnot. You will not be able to self-notify with this as you would be able to on the L5210 because it has no phone line terminals.

So, let me go ahead and open this up. I'm gonna turn it back around to the back here, and you'll see on this that you're gonna have two tabs up here. Two tabs where you'll use a screwdriver to kinda pry the panel open. And, you just kinda push in and it pops right open. Here's the inside of the panel. This sticker, I'm gonna move this out of the way for you.

What you'll get in here is you're gonna get connectors for your L5100 Wi-Fi or 3GL cellular communicator. Also, what can be connected into this L7000 is the L5100-ZWAVE module. And if you're using Honeywell's total connect service, they have an automation package where you can plug in the L5100-ZWAVE, and then you can remotely control your ZWAVE devices through your link system here.

And also, it has terminals in the back here for your power input, and it also has the ability to do one simple hard-wired zone. They're telling me at Honeywell you're only gonna get about a three-foot run of wire for your hard-wired zone So, I mean, if this is sitting next to your door or some other thing that you wanna put a hard-wired switch for, you can do that with this. But it's only gonna be about three-foot run.

So, you get all this stuff in here where you can hook different things into it, your terminals for your power and hard-wired zone, and that's pretty much what it looks like on the inside. These right here are your antennas to talk with your 5800 series wireless devices. So, nice compact. And right here, I'll show you this next, but this is where you're gonna set your battery. Your battery is gonna fit in here, your backup battery, and that backup battery will help the system stay powered if the AC goes out. So, that's the inside of it there.

This has the capability of doing 80 zones, 80 wireless zones so you'll be able to use 80 5800 series wireless transmitters and devices on this. If you're using keychain remotes, just keep in mind that those keychain remotes are gonna take up as many zones as there are buttons on your keychain remote. So, if you got a four-button keychain remote, that's gonna take up four zones. But, you can do 80 zones with this, and you could also have the capability of doing 48 user codes.

That's why I say it's good for a large home, or a small to medium business because you can do a lot of user codes, a lot of zones, and this will get you a lot of coverage. So, that's the panel itself right there.

The next thing you're gonna see in the box is your power transformer, and unlike other, like the Lynx Plus was never polarity specific. But this is a polarity specific transformer. You will have to pay attention to positive and negative when you're plugging this thing into the system, so be very careful and pay attention.

You're not gonna get any wire to connect this to the panel with, so I suggest you go in our wiring installation supplies section and grab you some 18 gauge wire. We've got it there pretty cheap. We offer it in 25 and 50-foot rolls, and we also have 500-foot rolls as well. But, you're gonna need 18 gauge wire to connect this to the panel.

That's one of the things you're gonna get in the box.

The next thing we're going to see in the box is the system backup battery, and this is the battery I was telling you about that will fit in that compartment on the panel. And, this will keep your system powered up I think for about four hours, if I'm correct, if the AC goes out so you'll have a little backup time, so you're sure you're protected when there's no electricity. So, you'll get that.

Also, the thing that goes with the battery here, you'll see is the battery compartment bar. This is gonna hold your backup battery in. So, when you open up that panel, most people would mount the panel on the wall, and when you open it up the front plate swings down. And, you know, it's gonna help keep your backup battery from flopping out. So, you get that in there.

And then the last thing you're gonna get is the hardware kit. You're gonna get your mounting screws, drywall anchors in case you're gonna put it in the drywall to mount it. You're also going to get one resistor in here for you hard-wired zone, so there's your hard-wire pack. I'm gonna move this box out of the way, and then I'm gonna tell you a little bit about the kits we offer.

Now, with kit number one, you're going to get just the panel itself and everything else you've seen in that box, but we also offer other kits. The kit number two, it's going to feature two of the 5816WMWH wireless door and window transmitters. I'm gonna open up this box here. When you get these, they'll be factory sealed. You just cut the little seal there, open up the box. I might have opened up the wrong end, but my guess, you know, you're gonna see this anyway.

This little compartment on one side of the box contains your magnet, your spacer, and your mounting screws. And then, when you open up this little compartment, you will see the rest of it in here. You're gonna get your battery, your 5816WMWH transmitter, your battery, and some two-sided adhesive just in case you wanna use this instead of the screws to mount it with. So, you're gonna get two of those in kit number two.

And you will also get the 5800PIR-RES wireless passive infrared motion sensor, and I will go ahead and pop this out of the box as well. If I can get it open. That seal is tough boy. All right, when you open up the box here, and basically what you're gonna get with this, you're gonna get your 5800PIR-RES motion detector, your battery, and your little installation guide. So, that's what you're gonna get in the box with the 5800PIR. So, kit number two, you will get two of the 5816WMWHs and one 5800PIR-RES.

The next step-up for this is the kit number three. What you'll get with kit number three is you're gonna get the two 5816WMWHs, the wireless motion detector 5800PIR-RES. And then, you will also get a nice little keychain remote here, the 5834-4. I'll go ahead and open this up and show you what's in here. It's got a little compartment thing on the bottom too, but there's nothing in it.

So, you're just gonna pull back this flap, and what you get in this box is you get your 5834-4 keychain remote, and this little instruction guide. It'll tell you how to join this to the system. Batteries are already in here. They don't leave the batteries loose. It's already within the keychain remote. But, kit number three, you will get those.

And then, kit number four that we offer has all of this plus one additional 5816WMWH. So, you're gonna get a few things to start you off with. And then, if you need more things, just a la carte, everything else under the order that you'll need. But, this gets you started. So, tonight's system, like I said, for a, you know, a larger home or a small to medium business and this will work great for you. It'll handle a lot of zones, a lot of user codes. You'll be able to use cellular internet communicators, and Z-wave modules so you can have total control of your system.

And I would suggest if you want total control of this system and be able to get notification of your own, be able to control your system remotely, and also be able to add Z-wave devices and control them remotely, check in to Honeywell's total connect service. They have just the total connect, which is the remote control, the alarm system, and your own notifications. Then, they have a package you can bump up to called the automation package, which you'll get control of the alarm system, your own notifications, and you'll be able to add Z-wave devices and remotely control them via the total connect app.

So, that's pretty much it for the L7000. We offer a few kits. Check to see what you get in all of those kits. Read the descriptions on them. If you have any questions, there's a number on the website there. Give us a call and we'll be glad to help out. This has been John Boroughs, back over to me.

All right guys, that was the Honeywell Security Lynx Touch L7000. That's what you get in the box when you get it, and now you know a little bit about the kits that we offer. Really good alarm system. I encourage you to check it out at And, I promised if you stuck around until the end of the video, I'll tell you how to get some free stuff. We're gonna be doing this a lot. Five people, if you leave comments below, will receive some of these window and door decals for your home, and they act as a great deterrent.

You know, if somebody comes up to your house, tries to break in and sees these on the windows or doors, they'll know that you've got a little something going on in the house, and they probably don't want to mess with you. So, go ahead and leave comments below. We'll pick five people. They'll get five of these decals, and we'll choose those people within one week. And then we will comment back to you on your comment, and let you know that you won. And then, we'll get details on how to get these to you.

So, offering great stuff, and we've got other stuff coming guys. Keep your eyes out. Subscribe to the channel. Hit the notifications button. This has been John Boroughs with Alarm System Store. I wish you a great day.